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12 creative website header design examples

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12 creative website header design examples

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12 Creative Website Header Design Examples

Headers are one of the most important design elements of your website, providing visitors with the first impression of your website’s value and aesthetics. It is essential that your website header design stands out from the others as a way to generate interest and draw visitors in.

Here are 12 Creative Website Header Design Examples:

  • Animations – Animations can be used in your website header to create intrigue and capture the attention of visitors.
  • Gradients – Colorful gradients give off a visually appealing aesthetic that can stand out against other websites.
  • 3D elements – The use of 3D design elements such as shadows and overlays can add depth and dimension to a website header.
  • Curvilinear designs – Curves and abstract shapes can be used to create visually interesting website headers.
  • Cinemagraphs – Cinemagraphs are static images with repeated subtle motions that draw attention and make for a unique website header.
  • Illustrations – Adding an illustration to your website header can make it look whimsical and fun.
  • Full-screen videos – Full-screen videos can be used to make an impact with your website header design.
  • Header sliders – Header sliders are interactive elements that help engage visitors and provide a unique look.
  • Parallax scrolling – Parallax scrolling can provide your website with a visually appealing and dynamic header design.
  • Photos – Photos are a great way to capture attention and draw visitors in with a beautiful and creative website header.
  • Overlapping elements – Overlapping shapes create interesting visuals as visitors scroll down the page.
  • Geometric shapes – Geometric shapes can be used in combination with photos, typography, and other design elements to create an impactful website header.

Ultimately, when it comes to website header design, the possibilities are endless. By using any of these 12 creative website header design examples, you can make sure that your website stands out from the others and captures the attention of visitors.

Today, websites need more than just words to attract and engage visitors. The visual elements of a website, such as the header, have a direct impact on how visitors perceive the content and the overall user experience. A well-designed and creative website header can help to create a positive first impression, making visitors more likely to stay and browse.

In this article, we explore 12 creative website header design examples for inspiration and guidance on how to create a visually effective website header.

The first design example is from the website of the illustration agency, Drawar. Their eye-catching header features a large and vibrant illustration, with vivid colors and dynamic shapes. The illustration sets the tone for the website and sets a professional yet playful mood.

The second example comes from the website of the travel blogging platform, Nomadly. Nomadly has a unique, modern website header. It features an abstract illustration that fits their advertising proposition, inviting travelers to plunge into the unknown.

Another example of a creative website header is from the financial website, Deon. Deon’s header is a simple, single-colored design that is sleek and contemporary. The text is easily readable and contrasts with the background.

The fourth example comes from the website of the property management company, Homebody. Homebody’s website header is a vibrant image of a living room with a colorful and stylish interior. It draws visitors in, creating a positive and inviting feeling.

The fifth design example is from the online store, Hipster. Hipster’s website header is a minimal, grid-based design that emphasizes simplification. It is a modern, clean design that catches the attention and highlights the store’s products.

The sixth example is from the website of the minimalist fashion brand, Yuma. Yuma’s header is an image of a model against a white background. It is a simple design that presents the brand in a unique way, with an emphasis on minimalist fashion.

The seventh design example is from the website of the furniture store, Maison. Maison’s header is an image of a bedroom with a classic, stylish interior. The header is a great example of how a header can create an inviting and homey atmosphere.

The eighth website header is from the online bookstore, Read. Read’s design is a simple animation of falling books and a scrolling background image. It is a creative and engaging design that will surely draw visitors in.

The ninth example is from the music streaming app, Eddy. Eddy has a vibrant and interactive header, with a colorful background animation that follows the visitor’s cursor.

The tenth design example is from the website of the video streaming platform, Aerial. Aerial has a header that showcases a cinematic video that changes depending on the time of day. It gives the website an interesting and unique element.

The eleventh example is from the website of the design studio, Active. Active’s website header is a simple yet effective design that features a large background image of a city skyline at night.

The last example is from the website of the tech startup, Electro. Electro has a unique and interactive header, with a slider featuring images of their products. It engages visitors and encourages them to explore the rest of the website.

These are just some of the many creative website header designs available. With a bit of creativity, a website header can be used to distinguish a website and engage visitors in an appealing and eye-catching way.

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