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15 Best New Fonts, January 2023

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15 Best New Fonts, January 2023

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1. What makes each of these fonts a great choice for design projects?

15 Best New Fonts, January 2023

Fonts are essential in almost all aspects of design. From logos and websites to books, magazines and any other type of printed material, having the right fonts can make all the difference to the success of your project. Every month new font types are released and here are 15 of the best new fonts released in January 2023 that you should check out:

1. Robotino

Robotino is the perfect choice for anyone who loves a sci-fi look. This bold font is easy to read and inspired by classic robot designs.

2. Earthling

Earthling is a particularly unique font in this list. It’s a hand-drawn font that looks like it’s been written with a quill pen.

3. Roughage

Roughage is perfect for creating rustic designs with a touch of vintage style. It’s a warm-looking slab serif font with an organic feel.

4. Moonlight

Moonlight is a modern, minimal font that still has a brushy touch to it. This font is perfect for creating designs with an underground feel.

5. Grandioso

When you need a bold and attention-grabbing font, Grandioso is the way to go. This font is perfect for creating any design that needs a loud and proud look.

6. Miss Liberty

Miss Liberty is a sweet font inspired by the vintage hand-lettering on the sides of old-fashioned lorries.

7. Icarus

Icarus is a modern display font with a lot of personality. It has angular edges and a very distinct “look” that’s perfect for postmodern designs.

8. Fossil

Fossil is a an old-fashioned font inspired by classic retro designs. This font is perfect for creating logos that look like they belong in the 1950’s.

9. Dharma

Dharma is a font inspired by the traditional lettering styles of East-Asia. It has a very distinctive look and is perfect for projects that need a Eastern-inspired font.

10. Amour

Amour is a modern handwriting font with a romantic feel. It has a very gentle look and feel and will add a touch of sophistication to any design project.

11. Renegate

Renegate is a bold sans-serif font that looks great on posters, logos and any printed material. This font is perfect for creating designs with a rich and powerful look.

12. San Fran

San Fran is an extraordinarily versatile font. It combines the thick, bold lines of classic American fonts with the thin, elegant lines of modern European fonts.

13. Helvetica Prime

Helvetica Prime is a classic, modern font that works well with almost any type of design project. It has a subtle and timeless feel and is perfect for creating designs with a classic, elegant look.

14. Grafico

Grafico is a very bold and dynamic font inspired by the old-style hand-painted signs. It has a very strong visual impact and is great for creating eye-catching designs.

15. King Basille

King Basille is a modern, geometric font designed for legibility. This font has a distinct “look” that will take any design to the next level.

These are just some of the many great new fonts released in January 2023 and there are plenty more to explore. In this constantly evolving industry, there are always new and innovative fonts being released so be sure to follow the latest trends and keep your projects looking sharp.
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1. What advantages do each of the 15 fonts provide when being utilized in design projects?

Are you looking to take your design projects to the next level? Look no further than this list of the 15 best new fonts available in January 2023. From hand-drawn typefaces to modern sans-serifs, there is something here for every kind of designer. Check out these breed new typefaces and be inspired to create something amazing.

1. Plume: This beautiful, hand-drawn typeface was created by French designer, Joel DesGroseilliers. It is perfect for adding a personal touch to any project and is available in six different font styles.

2. Goldrush: This modern sans-serif has an elegant, clean look and comes with a wide range of weights. Its distinct details help to enhance any project.

3. Gotham: This popular sans-serif typeface is available in 19 different weights, giving users a wide range to work with when designing. It’s a great choice for creating headlines, logos and print projects.

4. Vialogos: Inspired by traditional sign painting, this elegant typeface has a classic, yet contemporary feel. It comes with two different styles and various weights.

5. Kongo: This distinctive typeface was created by award-winning designer, Aaron Draplin. It has a modern look and gives projects a unique, eye-catching flair.

6. Roost: Roost has a warm, playful look that works well for headlines, logos and more. This natural-looking sans-serif includes light, medium and bold weights.

7. Fauna: Fauna is a brush script typeface based on organic forms. Its bold yet round shapes give it a unique and hand-drawn feel. It comes with 5 different weights.

8. Minima: This all-caps typeface was designed by Mexican, Christian Mendoza. It has a modern look and comes with two different styles and weights.

9. Primera: Primera is a monospace, all-caps typeface with a classic feel. Its sharp, letter shapes have a subtle texture when viewed from a distance.

10. Oakley: Oakley is a geometric sans-serif with a modern, industrial feel. It comes with various weights and includes various design features to add more impact to your projects.

11. Baron: This distinctive serif typeface combines modern and traditional elements. It has a unique letter design and comes with a range of weights.

12. Eclipse: Eclipse is a sans-serif with a rounded, contemporary look. It’s a versatile typeface with seven different weights and small caps.

13. Mansion: Mansion is a classic, all-caps typeface with a Victorian feel. Its varying line weights give it a unique touch and it comes with a wide range of weights.

14. Harlem: This Art Deco-inspired typeface has a unique style and comes in multiple weights. It’s a great choice for adding a subtle, vintage flair to projects.

15. Backbone: Backbone is a sans-serif typeface with a modern, sophisticated style. It comes with two different styles and various weights.

These 15 fonts are sure to inspire you to create something unique and eye-catching. So, get out there, start designing and make your projects shine this January 2023.

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