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28 unique design portfolio examples built in Webflow

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28 unique design portfolio examples built in Webflow

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28 Unique Design Portfolio Examples Built in Webflow

Webflow provides an excellent platform for building design portfolios. Webflow’s powerful yet simple tools help you to quickly assemble a visually stunning online presence.

With this in mind, we wanted to share a few unique design portfolio examples built using the Webflow platform.

1. Jakub Antalik

Jakub is a digital designer based in Bratislava, Slovakia. His portfolio is an excellent integration of design and motion, really showing what’s possible using Webflow.

2. Kamila Zeffer

Kamila is an artist and illustrator based in Poland. Her portfolio makes full use of elements such as scrolling animations, which control the transitions between each page.

3. Lotte Augusti

Lotte is a graphic designer from Estonia. Her portfolio is a beautiful combination of minimalist but striking typography and layout combined with interactive features such as dynamic texture reveals.

4. Matthew Newnham

Matthew is a graphic designer from the UK. His portfolio showcases his use of subtle animation and interaction, leaving no doubt as to his skills as a designer.

5. Jenna Lawlor

Jenna is a designer and illustrator from the UK. Her portfolio makes use of full-width images with subtle hand-drawn animations working throughout.

Other showcase worthy Webflow portfolios include:

  • Will Hooper – An interactive designer from the UK
  • Sean Hengdahl – A user experience designer based in the US
  • Brett Juilly – A multi-disciplinary designer and writer from Canada
  • Kim Jones – An illustrator and designer based in the US
  • Corey Winn – A product designer based in the US
  • Calum MacRae – A user experience designer from the UK
  • Fraser Davidson – A motion graphics designer from the UK
  • Alessia Martegani – A visual researcher from Italy
  • Immanuel Saelens – An animator and motion designer from Belgium

As you can see, the possibilities with Webflow are vast, and there is no limit to the creativity and uniqueness of your portfolio design.

If you’re ready to join these inspiring individuals and show off your hard work, the tools are in your hands to get started. Webflow could be the perfect platform to help you take the leap and present your portfolio to the world.

For those working in the field of web design, showing any prospective clients your work is extremely important. Thankfully, the website development platform Webflow allows users to quickly and easily create a well-crafted portfolio for their designs. Here, we offer 28 unique design portfolio examples built in Webflow that give you the perfect combination of aesthetics, functionality and style.

The first example is a simple, but captivating one page design portfolio. It features a visually striking combination of photographs with a minimalistic design and a scroll-based navigation. The portfolio presents highlights from the designer’s work in a grid like manner, divided into different categories. Another example is a website design portfolio that is built in Webflow and has a simple yet effective homepage. Featuring a bright and bold textured background, the portfolio showcases the designer’s projects in the form of captivating imagery and minimalistic layouts.

For those looking for a modern and stylish website, the portfolio found here is a great example. This portfolio is designed with a circle-based navigation, bold typography and clean, modern lines. The portfolio itself is designed with large images and a minimalistic aesthetic. It presents the designer’s best works in a charming and engaging way. The next example showcases how a portfolio website can instantly grab a viewer’s attention, with an unconventional navigation menu and cleverly styled images.

These 28 unique design portfolio examples have been built using Webflow and provide designers with great inspiration for creating their own portfolio websites. Not only do they look great, but they are also incredibly functional and easy to navigate. Each portfolio website offers something unique and special to the viewer, showcasing the designer’s work in an incredibly eye-catching way. So if you are looking for a great way to showcase your designs, these design portfolio examples are sure to give you the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.

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