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39 must-have tools and apps for freelance designers

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39 must-have tools and apps for freelance designers

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2. How can freelance designers maximize their productivity using these 39 must-have tools and apps?

39 Must-Have Tools and Apps for Freelance Designers

As a freelance designer, a good toolset is essential. The right tools can make all the difference by improving productivity and enhancing your design workflow. With so many tools available, navigating the sea of options can be daunting- but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here’s our authoritative guide to the best tools available to freelance designers.

Logo Design

  • Gravit Designer: A free, multi-purpose vector design tool with an intuitive UI.
  • Logo Design Studio Pro: A logo design tool that is ideal for both newbie and professional freelance designers.
  • LogoMakr: A free online logo maker that is great for beginners.
  • Tailor Brands: An AI-assisted logo design tool that makes creating logos quick and easy.

Graphic Design

  • Adobe InDesign: The industry-standard graphic design software.
  • Canva: An easy-to-use graphic design tool with tons of templates and images.
  • Visme: An online design tool with a built-in presentation maker.
  • GIMP: A free, open-source image editor similar to Photoshop.

Web Design

  • Adobe Photoshop: The industry-standard image editing software.
  • Figma: A vector graphics editor with powerful collaborative features.
  • Sketch: A vector editing and UI/UX design tool.
  • Balsamiq: A rapid wireframing and prototyping tool.


  • UXPin: A popular wireframing and prototyping tool.
  • InVision: An online design platform with powerful collaboration features.
  • Marvel: An easy-to-use mockup and prototyping tool.
  • Zeplin: A collaborative design platform that makes design handoff seamless.

Project Management

  • Trello: An intuitive Kanban-style project management tool.
  • Asana: A popular project management app with powerful collaboration features.
  • Basecamp: An easy to use project management software that keeps things organized.
  • Slack: An online messaging platform for teams.

Collaboration and Communication

  • Skype: A popular messaging and VoIP software for remote teams.
  • Google Hangouts: An online video conference and chat app.
  • GoToMeeting: An easy to use online conferencing tool.
  • Join.me: An online meeting and screen sharing platform.

Time Tracking and Invoicing

  • Toggl: A popular time tracking tool with built-in invoicing.
  • FreshBooks: A cloud-based accounting and invoicing software.
  • Timely: An automated time tracking and invoicing tool.
  • Harvest: An easy to use time tracking and invoicing app.

With these tools in your arsenal, you will be ready to take on any project. Now get out there and start designing!

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What are the key differences between Asana and Trello?

As a freelance designer, having the right tools and apps available can make all the difference. A successful freelance designer requires the right combination of creativity and administrative skill, and having the right tools can ensure that all the bases are covered. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of the 39 must-have tools and apps for freelance designers.

For project and collaboration management, two dominant tools are Asana and Trello. Asana provides an intuitive platform for project management and collaboration, making it easy for teams to stay on top of every project. Trello is also strong on collaboration and allows designers to easily create boards, an ideal way to keep projects organized and on track. For project files and asset management, two options are Dropbox and Google Drive. Dropbox is a cloud-based platform that allows designers to store, organize and share design files. On the other hand, Google Drive allows designers to store, access and manage files on the go—even without an internet connection.

When it comes to tools for communication, Skype and Slack are essential. Skype is good for conducting video and audio conferences, while Slack is ideal for team messaging within the organization. When it comes to designing and prototyping tools, InVision and Adobe XD are two of the best. Both offer comprehensive design and prototyping solutions that make it easy to bring designs to life. Plus, the vast library of plugins make these two apps even more powerful.

For further design customization, Figma and Principle are two of the most powerful options available. Figma allows designers to create, collaborate, and refine designs with everyone in mind. Moreover, Principle offers an excellent way to create interactive designs that animate when interacted with.

For design inspiration, Behance and Dribble are two of the most popular choices. Behance allows designers to showcase their work publicly, network with other designers, and get feedback from the design community. While Dribble allows designers to find new and creative ideas from fellow designers.

These are just a few of the 39 must-have tools and apps for freelance designers. Investing in these tools can help increase efficiency and maximize productivity, taking your designs to the next level.

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