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40 Best New Fonts of 2022

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40 Best New Fonts of 2022

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40 Best New Fonts of 2022

Fonts give an identity and life to the content we read and write. It helps convey the message effectively ensuring reader engagement. Here is a list of best new fonts of 2022 that will make your text stand out from the rest.

1. Decurio

Decurio is an all caps font characterised by thick curves and arches. It is a combination of new and vintage styled letterform that could be used to give a bold and strong look to your text.

2. Sabana

Sabana is a modern art-deco font that immediately stands out. It has modern touches with bold and semi-bold weights, large x-height, small ascenders and descenders, small serifs, plenty of white spaces and rounded angles that softens the look.

3. Modresy

Modresy is a modern humanist sans serif font that gives a professional look to your design. It has 8 weights and italics, emphasizing on clarity and legibility with its’ modern touches.

4. Pinguin

Pinguin is a cute display font with characters that have a unique curved-rectangular shape. Pinguin’s decorative design can bring a unique look and style to banners and posters.

5. Civilta

Civilta is a bold and condensed display font that adds a strong minimalist look to your content. Its low contrast letterforms minimizes tangency problem and provides a clean finish to your design.

6. Quasten

Quasten is an angled-serif font perfect for capturing readers’ attention with its’ unique style. It is perfect for headlines and titles and comes in 4 weights.

Below are some more of the best new fonts of 2022.

  • 7. Lauraretta: Lauraretta is a sans serif font inspired by the classic 30s typefaces. It has 14 weights that can be used on both web and print design.
  • 8. Samtee: Samtee is a modern, minimalist sans serif font with 4 weights and italic versions.
  • 9. Facile Sans: Facile Sans is an elegant sans serif font that has 5 weights and true italics in both upright and slanted.
  • 10. Swaford: Swaford is a modern, artsy font characterized by its rounded edges and triangular dot accents of different sizes.
  • 11. Muleteer: Muleteer is a modern font that features a combination of strong and curved letterforms. It comes in 4 weights and italics.
  • 12. Errant: Errant is a font inspired by the Victorian era sans serifs. It has 6 weights, true italics and bold italics for all weights, making it an ideal font for editorial design.
  • 13. Starburst: Starburst is a contemporary display font that comes with 7 weights and true italic. Its unique style of curved-rectangular shapes and pointed edges give a modern and eye-catching look.
  • 14. Surpass: Surpass is a modern sans serif font that comes with 6 weights and true italics. Its geometric design and smooth curves are perfect for creating a modern look and feel.
  • 15. Monereth: Monereth is a unique font featuring bold, ultra modern letterforms. It has rounded corners and sharp edges that give a contemporary, edgy look.

These new fonts of 2022 will bring a modern and unique look to your design. Whether you want to use them for titles, logos, posters or print ads, each font has something special to offer. For creative professionals, selecting the right typeface can be one of the most important decisions of any project. But choosing the perfect font from thousands of options can be challenging and time-consuming.

That’s why, to make your job easier, we’ve curated this list of the 40 best new fonts of 2022. With fonts that range from bold and classic to quirky and modern, we’re sure you’ll find something to fit your design needs.

First up is Mako, a classic and elegant serif font with a modern twist. Mako also offers support for multiple languages and is perfect for logos, headlines, and body copy.

Next is Laika, a modern sans serif typeface with rounded edges and clean lines. Laika is ideal for brochures, websites, and other digital media.

Another standout is Zing, a quirky and whimsical display typeface. Zing is suitable for posters and other creative projects.

If you’re looking for something more traditional, try Fabulous. This serif typeface has a classic and elegant look and is perfect for signage and titles.

Looking for a bold and eye-catching font? Look no further than Excess. This sans serif font is powerful and eye-catching and can be used for posters and other prints.

Finally, for something a bit more quirky and playful, check out Bosun. This fun, hand-drawn font is perfect for logos and other creative projects.

These are just a few of the 40 best new fonts of 2022. So if you’re looking for the perfect typeface for your project, this list should point you in the right direction.

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