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5 Free Development Tools to Up Your Coding Game

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5 Free Development Tools to Up Your Coding Game

What are the key features and benefits of each of the 5 development tools?

5 Free Development Tools to Up Your Coding Game

Coding can be an immensely rewarding and satisfying experience. However, even if you have the skillset, it can be difficult to manoeuvre through the development process without top notch tools. There are many tools available for developers, but here I have chosen five essential, completely free, development tools that will help you elevate your coding game.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a popular code editor designed for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. It is packed full of features, including syntax highlighting, code completion, embedded git control and debugging support. It also supports a wide range of languages and can be extended with plugins. Visual Studio Code is an excellent tool for both experienced and budding developers.


GitHub is an invaluable tool for developers. It is best known for being the version control system of choice for open source projects, but it also offers a suite of other tools to assist developers, such as:

  • Git LFS – a tool for storing large binary files such as images
  • Code Review – a tool for reviewing code collaboratively
  • Issue Tracking – a tool for managing tasks and bug tracking

GitHub also functions as an excellent social platform, allowing developers to share their work and collaborate with each other.

HTML Validator

It is important to make sure that your HTML code is valid and conforms to current standards, and the HTML Validator is the perfect tool for this. It can be used to verify HTML documents quickly and easily. It supports HTML4, HTML5 and XHTML, and even allows you to save and reload your verification settings for future use.

CSS Validator

Similar to the HTML Validator, the CSS Validator checks your CSS compliance with current standards. You can paste in your CSS code or provide a URL for the validator to check. It also offers the ability to save validation settings and select from a variety of languages.

Web Developer Chrome Extension

The Web Developer Chrome Extension is a must-have for any web developer. It offers a range of features which can help to debug, test and audit websites. Some of the key features of this extension include:

  • Error Console – allows for easy debugging
  • CSS Stylesheet Editor – allows you to inspect and edit stylesheets with ease
  • DOM Inspector – allows you to inspect the DOM tree and allows you to quickly find elements

This extensions helps to streamline the development process and ensures that your websites function correctly.

These are just a few of the essential development tools that can help to take your coding game to the next level. They are all free to use, so there is no excuse not to give them a try!
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What are the benefits of using Repl.it as a free development tool?

It’s no secret that coding is an essential tool for many professionals, especially in the tech industry. But it can be challenging for beginners to make sense of the wide selection of coding tools available on the market – luckily, there are plenty of free coding tools out there that can make a beginner’s learning experience much easier. In this article, we’ll discuss five of the best free development tools to help you up your coding game.

The first on our list is Repl.it, a free, online coding platform that allows you to create and share coding projects with others in real-time. This tool supports many coding languages, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, making it a great option for beginners. Repl.it also allows you to test code snippets quickly and allows you to use an array of coding libraries, giving you the aptitude to build complex applications.

Next up is Glitch, an online platform that allows you to collaborate with others in real-time on a range of coding projects. This tool is especially great for beginners, as it provides pre-configured templates and instant feedback for coding errors. You can also use Glitch’s integrated text editors to write and organize code, making it easy to keep track of your projects.

The third tool on our list is Cloud9, a free, cloud-based development environment that is suitable for both beginner and professional developers. It allows you to write code, run tests, and debug with ease, all on the same platform. Plus, its intuitive editor, cloud storage, and workspace management features make it a great tool for collaborating with others.

The fourth free coding tool we’ll discuss is GitHub. This is a popular platform for software developers to share and collaborate on projects. It supports a range of coding languages and allows you to publish open-source projects and keep track of changes made to them – making it a great tool for larger development teams.

Last but not least, we have CodeSandbox. This is an online editor for coding projects, which allows you to create projects without downloading any extra software. It provides an integrated text editor and live preview of what you’re coding. Plus, it supports a range of coding languages and is great for teams working on complex projects.

These are just five of the best free development tools for aspiring coders. Each of them provides a unique set of tools that can help you create and develop complex applications. Check them out and see which one works best for you!

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