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Writer Errors To Look For Before Creating A Portfolio

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A writer should ensure that their portfolio website stands out from the competition.

5 Writer Website Examples to Check Out Before You Build Your Portfolio

Creating your own portfolio as a writer is an important step as you look to promote and build your presence in the industry. Having a portfolio with impressive examples of your work can help to establish your credibility as a writer and get you noticed by potential employers and clients.

Before you jump into building your portfolio, it can be helpful to get inspired by various other websites out there. Here is a list of five examples of great writer websites for you to check out:

1. Claire Lower

Claire Lower is a freelance writer and editor based in San Francisco who has published work both online and offline. Her website clearly showcases her skills and abilities, with a portfolio featuring over 30 of her writings. Claire highlights her professional achievements throughout the website, and there is a personal touch as she includes blog posts and tweets that tell her unique story.

2. Sam Landstrom

Sam Landstrom is a travel writer from New England who has written for various notable websites, as well as for magazines and books. His website, http://www.samlandstrom.com, perfectly reflects his personal brand. With beautiful photographs, an eye-catching design, and a selection of samples of his work, it shows the value that he can offer to clients.

3. David Miller

David Miller is a freelance writer and editor from California who specializes in business and finance. The samples on his website show the wide range of topics that he can cover, and his bio page provides useful insights into his writing experience. Having a background in finance, Aaron also includes a page on how to invest and allows customers to trust his financial advice.

4. Atul Gawande

Atul Gawande is a medical writer and surgeon from Massachusetts who has become well known for his writing on healthcare. His articles are presented in an easy to read format, and he also includes an ‘About Me’ section for visitors to get to know him better.

5. Leslie Knope

Leslie Knope is a political writer from Ohio who has won awards for her writing from the United Nations and the New York Times. With a modern design and crisp images, it gives the reader insight into her professional experience and the type of work that she does.

These five websites are great examples of how to create an impactful portfolio as a writer. From creative designs and engaging content to personal bios and professional achievements.


What design and content ideas can a writer borrow from the featured portfolio?

Online portfolios or websites can be the perfect way to showcase a writer’s work. Showcasing writing skills, industries they have worked in, links to published pieces, and their writing resume can be the perfect way to capture a potential client or editor’s attention.

If you’re looking for some inspirational examples of writers’ websites, look no further. Here are five inspiring websites by writers to check out and get ideas from before building your own portfolio website:

1. Bill Easum: Bill Easum is a freelance writer that focuses on content marketing and copywriting. His portfolio website captures everyone’s attention due to the helpful nature of his content and easy-to-read examples.

2. Demetria Manouselis: Demetria Manouselis is a content strategist and freelance writer. Her portfolio website incorporates her colorful style and creates a fun user experience.

3. Anne Grunst: Anne Grunst is a copywriter, blogger, and social media strategist. Her portfolio website utilizes the functionality of WordPress and creates a professional yet fun environment.

4. Merissa Paddock: Merissa Paddock is a freelance writer and editor. Her portfolio website contains information about her professional experience, background, and the services she can provide.

5. Ray Spitzenberger: Ray Spitzenberger is a professional copywriter and marketer. His portfolio website is simple and contains everything you need to know about his writing services.

These writers’ portfolios feature multiple functions and content ideas that can help create a successful portfolio website for any writer. Taking into consideration design, and content when building your portfolio website is key to creating a great user experience.

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