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A Chat with Alexandra Fasulo of The Freelance Fairytales (#4)

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A Chat with Alexandra Fasulo of The Freelance Fairytales (#4)

Freelance Fairytales

A Chat with Alexandra Fasulo of The Freelance Fairytales (#4)

Alexandra Fasulo is a freelance writer and editor, poet and digital content producer. She is the founder of The Freelance Fairytales and is an enthusiastic advocate for supporting, encouraging and empowering creatives in the gig economy. We sat down with Alexandra to learn more about her work, her story and her vision.

How did you get into freelance writing, poetry, and digital content production?

I always had a passion for the written word. It’s something I’ve had an affinity for since childhood. My path to becoming a professional started when I had the opportunity to intern at The New York Times’s newsroom in 2014. I was exposed to an intense environment, constantly learning about the power of storytelling in journalism. After that experience I knew I had found my calling and I pursued freelancing as a way to travel, explore and write.

What inspired you to start The Freelance Fairytales?

I’m so passionate about telling stories, it’s no surprise I started a platform dedicated to helping other creatives in their professional lives. I was inspired to start The Freelance Fairytales because I wanted a way to bring together support, resources and advice for creatives in the gig economy. I wanted to create a safe space for both experienced and aspiring freelancers to talk, ask questions and use my platform to build community. The Freelance Fairytales is about helping people to learn, grow and transition with ease as gig professionals.

What are some tips or resources you can give to new freelancers?

Top three tips for new freelancers –

  • Manage Your Time: Freelancing can be a common misconception that you can complete all your work from wherever and whenever you want. That is not necessarily true. Since you are responsible for your own productivity, you need to set a regular schedule and commit to it.
  • Create a Portfolio: A well-crafted portfolio website can be a powerful tool for getting new client work. According to a recent survey 70% of freelance leads come from sources like LinkedIn and personal websites. Having a portfolio is essential for standing out to potential clients and showing your work.
  • Network: Getting to know other freelancers in the same industry can be an excellent start. Connecting with other professionals and attending virtual meet-ups and conferences is also a great way to expand your network and find new opportunities.

For more information on getting started in freelancing, resources and tips be sure to check out The Freelance Fairytales.

Alexandra Fasulo, creator of the Instagram account The Freelance Fairytales (#4) is no stranger to entrepreneur success. With her background in business school, she has been able to turn her hobby of travel blogging into a full-time freelance career. In a recent chat, she shared details about her journey, what advice she has for aspiring freelancers, and her plans for the future.

Fasulo started her career as a freelance content creator in 2014. As soon as graduation was out of the way, she dedicated herself to becoming a full-time blogger and used her skills from business school to pivot her career. She advises other aspiring freelancers that they need to be resilient and not give up on their dreams.

Fasulo elaborated on the importance of having the right balance of skills and knowledge to become a successful freelancer. “The most important lesson I’ve learnt regarding freelancing is that sharing your knowledge is essential. This has been my entry point into the digital world.” She believes that having knowledge and expertise in multiple disciplines like marketing, SEO, graphic design and web development is critical to thriving as a freelancer.

When asked about the biggest challenge she has faced thus far in her freelance career, Fasulo explained that it has been finding the right balance of work/life balance. Working at home can be isolating and she admitted that finding an effective schedule can be tough. She has developed strategies to help herself manage her workload, such as setting deadlines and blocking out time for self-care. Additionally, her platform The Freelance Fairytales (#4) has been a valuable asset, providing helpful tips and resources to other freelancers.

In the future, Fasulo hopes to expand her platform and become a more active member of the freelance community. She also plans to continue to travel and explore when it is safe to do so. Ultimately, she wants to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and make a living from doing something they are passionate about.

For those interested in learning more from Fasulo, she has shared her journey on her Instagram account and YouTube channel. She also offers one-on-one coaching sessions for freelancers and entrepreneurs looking for support and guidance. With her expertise and resilient attitude, there’s no doubt that Fasulo will continue to lead a successful freelance career.

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