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Alameda wallets funnel over $1.7M via crypto mixers overnight

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Alameda wallets funnel over $1.7M via crypto mixers overnight

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Alameda Wallets Funnel Over $1.7M Via Crypto Mixers Overnight

Amid the cryptocurrency uncertainty, Alameda wallets funneled over $1.7M via crypto mixers overnight. Cryptocurrency mixers are services that increase privacy by severing the link between the sender and recipient of a transaction, enabling users to increase the privacy of their transactions.

What is Alameda wallet?

Alameda wallet is a powerful cryptocurrency wallet developed by the Alameda Research and FTX teams. It allows users to securely trade, store and use crypto assets. It comes with a powerful crypto trading experience and a built-in crypto mixers to provide you with greater privacy, more security, and more control over your cryptocurrencies.

Benefits of Using Crypto Mixers

Crypto mixers help users increase their privacy and security when transacting with cryptocurrencies. Below are some of the benefits of using crypto mixers:

  • Secure Transactions: Crypto mixers securely mix participants’ coins together to create a mix and then distribute the mix back to participants. This process makes it impossible to track the source of funds and thus, results in secure and anonymous transactions.
  • Fraud prevention: Crypto mixers help to prevent fraud by obscuring the source of funds so that it is not possible for fraudsters to trace the transaction and identify the actual originator.
  • Improved privacy: Crypto mixers help to ensure the privacy of transactions and improve the overall user experience.


Crypto mixers are becoming increasingly popular and have become an important tool for users to improve their privacy and security when trading cryptocurrencies. Alameda wallets have funneled over $1.7M via crypto mixers overnight, signaling a shift in user trust and acceptance of crypto mixers.

Alameda Research, a crypto trading firm behind an algorithmic trading platform, has seen their wallets funnel over $1.7 million worth of cryptocurrencies during an overnight run of previously warm weather.

The firm, which recently was accredited by Bloomberg and reported to have $140 million in total assets, reported the figure on its Twitter page, which also laid out the details on the amount of cryptocurrency that was funnelled through their wallets.

According to the tweet, Alameda Research’s wallets sent over $1.7 million in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USDT, and a few other coins to undisclosed recipients, but it is safe to assume the majority of the transfers were for their Alameda Trading Platform.

Alameda Research’s platform specializes in algorithmic trading and provides a suite of tools for users to make profitable trades. The transfers to what is assumed to be the platform’s clients, as well as mixers to anonymize the trades, add up to the total transfers amount.

“This record-breaking night showed again that the Alameda Research platform has the capabilities to take on very large transactions,” said Zhaofeng Li, Managing Partner at Alameda Research.

“Over $1.7M worth of assets were transferred while securely handling the anonymity of transactors using dedicated crypto mixers to ensure the privacy of those involved in the trade.”

This latest influx of activity serves as another indication of the growing participation in algorithmic trading, which is becoming increasingly popular among crypto traders. Alameda Research also recently announced their intention to open a Singapore office.

The transfer of funds overnight is a positive validation of Alameda Research’s commitment to their customers and their focus on creating a safe and secure environment for users to securely execute trades. Furthermore, it’s another example of the continued growth and success of the crypto trading market, which is becoming more and more popular among investors and traders alike.

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