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An Inside Look at Podcast Movement (#7)

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An Inside Look at Podcast Movement (#7)

Podcast Movement

An Inside Look at Podcast Movement (#7)

Podcast Movement is the world’s largest podcast event, held annually. It offers opportunities for podcasters to meet and network, learn from each other, and find resources to advance their podcasts objectives. Now in its seventh year, it continues to draw thousands of attendees for a powerful mix of industry leaders, content creation masters, and inspirational speakers. Here’s an inside look at Podcast Movement (#7).

Intimate Workshops and Sessions

The most important aspect of Podcast Movement is that it gives attendees access to intimate workshops and sessions discussed by industry leaders. These workshops cover a variety of topics related to podcasting and audience growth, including how to create unique content, how to produce an emotionally charged audio narrative, and how to market the podcast to reach a wider audience. The presentations and discussions are thoughtfully curated and curated to ensure that attendees learn valuable information to advance their projects.

Networking Opportunities

In addition to the TED-style talks and workshops, Podcast Movement also offers a variety of networking opportunities. Attendees can meet and connect with like-minded podcast enthusiasts from around the world. This is a great opportunity to learn from each other and foster collaboration. The networking opportunities also give attendees a chance to meet with potential sponsors, establish strategic partnerships, or even find new team members.

Additional Resources

Podcast Movement also offers resources to attendees, including:

  • Live coaching sessions: Learn how to optimize your workflow and processes and develop a monetization model.
  • Hands-on demo labs: Get hands-on experience and learn how to create professional sounding audio.
  • Exhibitor area: Meet with vendors and learn about the latest podcasting technology, resources, and services.

Overall, Podcast Movement (#7) is an important event for those involved in the podcasting world. It provides a platform for connection and collaboration, as well as a chance to learn from industry leaders and inspiring speakers. Attendees will have access to useful resources to help advance their projects. It is certainly an event not to be missed!

When it comes to podcasting, Podcast Movement continues to be one of the industry’s most influential and premier networks of producers, hosts, influencers, and industry professionals. The movement was founded back in 2014 and has since grown to become a major player in the podcasting industry and continues to provide valuable resources and advice for new and upcoming podcast creators.

This year, Podcast Movement celebrates its 7th annual series of events. While the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a wrinkle into their plans this year, Podcast Movement has done a remarkable job to adjust and accommodate the necessary health and safety protocols to best serve their attendees, staff, and vendors.

This year’s event will consist of a three-day virtual event featuring industry keynote speakers, workshops, and industry-led panels all focused on podcasting resources, best practices, and the podcasting space. Many industry experts will be joining the virtual conference to share their knowledge and provide attendees with great advice on the craft.

The topics that will be covered are vast and numerous. Topics range from production, hosting, advertising and marketing, to even how to monetize and make money streaming. The sessions don’t stop there; Podcast Movement also has sessions on legal issues and digital resources.

The keynote this year is particularly noteworthy as they have tapped some of the most influential names in the podcasting space including Peter Kafka of Recode, Rick Morales of The Rick and Morty Show, James Kim of Loud Speakers Network, and Shomi Patel of NPR. These keynote guests will have the opportunity to talk fireside-style about their experiences, mistakes, and tips on developing award-winning content.

Podcast Movement also has a wide range of activities for those looking for some downtime in the virtual space. These activities range from karaoke and gaming challenges to virtual tours and after-hours networking. There’s sure to be something for everyone to enjoy in their free time during the series.

Overall, Podcast Movement #7 looks to be an invaluable resource and learning experience for aspiring as well as veteran podcast creators. For those looking to get a virtual glimpse inside the world of podcasting and hear from some of the world’s leading podcasting professionals, there is no better platform than Podcast Movement #7.

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