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Best Podcast Listening Apps for iPhone & Android

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Best Podcast Listening Apps for iPhone & Android

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The Best Podcast Listening Apps for iPhone & Android

Podcasts are an excellent way to stay current and entertained, and are available on both iPhone and Android devices. There are a variety of different podcast listening apps, some of which are free, while others are subscription-based and come with a slew of additional features. Here are the best podcast listening apps for both Android and iPhone:

iPhone Podcast Apps

  • Pocket Casts: Pocket Casts is available for a one-time fee of $3.99. It offers a variety of features, including the ability to set up filters for new episodes, sync your progress across devices, mark episodes as heard, and much more. It is one of the most popular podcast apps for the iPhone.
  • Overcast: Overcast is a free podcast app that includes features such as variable playback speeds, integration with the Apple Watch, and offline storage space. It also offers an in-app purchase of $9.99 that allows you to skip ads and customize playback behaviors.
  • Stitcher: Stitcher offers both free and subscription-based versions of the app. The subscription version includes features such as personalized recommendations and the ability to save episodes for offline listening. It also integrates with many popular streaming services, such as Spotify, Pandora, and Google Play Music.

Android Podcast Apps

  • Google Podcasts: Google has its own podcast app that allows you to search for podcasts, subscribe to shows, and manage playback. It is free, and works on any Android device.
  • RadioPublic: RadioPublic is a free app that allows you to listen to podcasts and easily organize them into playlists. It also offers a recommendation engine that discovers new content for you.
  • Spotify: Spotify has a podcast feature that allows you to access millions of podcasts on your Android device. It is free, albeit with ads, and allows you to save your favorites to listen offline.

No matter what device you use, there are many excellent podcast listening apps to choose from. Whether you are looking for features like variable playback speeds or app suggestions, there is an app that provides exactly what you need. Finding the best podcast listening apps for smartphones can be a daunting endeavor. All the available apps boast the same features, how can one choose the best fit for their needs? We did the hard work for you and scoured the internet for the best podcast listening apps for iPhone and Android, so you can save time and start listening.

On Android, one of the best podcast apps is Podcast Addict. It’s a powerful, material-optimized app that many Android users find useful. It’s free, and includes all the standard features such as sleep timer, variable speed playback and audio boost. Podcast Addict also allows you to organize and manage your podcast subscriptions, and the player supports both audio and video podcasts.

For the iPhone users, the official Apple Podcasts app is the top choice. It allows users to search for and subscribe to their favorite podcasts, and then download the latest episodes. There is also a nice selection of topics and newsletters to help you discover new content. With it, you can create a custom playlist, share episodes with your friends, and the app even remembers where you left off, so you can pick up right where you left off.

Overcast is an iPhone-only app that is loved by podcast aficionados. It comes with a lot of features such as Smart Speed and Voice Boost, and also includes playback speed controls, episode notifications, and episode discovery. It also has an Apple Watch app, allowing users to listen directly from their wrist.

If you are looking for a free app that works on both iOS and Android, then Castbox is a great option. It supports downloads, offline listening, and voice commands, and the player even supports Chromecast. With Castbox, you can sync up with your favorites and keep up with the latest episodes.

Finally, for those looking for a more unified experience across their devices, Pocket Casts is great. This app supports both iPhone and Android, as well as Apple Watch, and also features a web player. It also offers cloud storage so your settings keep in sync across devices.

No matter which device you use, these apps are the best for listening to podcasts. The best part is, many of them are free, and you can start listening to your favorite shows in no time.

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