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Best Political Podcasts

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Best Political Podcasts

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Best Political Podcasts

Politics can be both a fascinating and complex topic. Listening to podcasts can be an easy and accessible way to stay informed on current events and be involved in political conversations. Here are the top political podcasts to check out:

1. Pod Save America

This podcast is hosted by former Obama staffers Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer, and Tommy Vietor. It covers everything from American politics to the 2020 presidential election. They also host a variety of guests who offer their insight on the topics at hand.

2. Political Gabfest

Political Gabfest is hosted by three journalists: Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz. The show gives listeners a deep dive into current events, political news and the latest from Washington D.C. It’s a great podcast for those looking for an in-depth analysis of the latest headlines.

3. FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast

The FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast is hosted by Nate Silver, Clare Malone and Galen Druke. This podcast rarely fails to deliver reporting that’s smart, informative and grounded in data. They’re also unafraid to tackle tough topics, so expect to get your head around complex topics.

4. Radio Free Roam

Radio Free Roam is hosted by Mike Pesca, a veteran radio journalist, and radio host. It covers everything from politics to the pop culture of the times. It’s a great podcast for those who want to be well-rounded in their understanding of politics.

5. The Daily

The Daily is hosted by The New York Times’s Michael Barbaro and produced by the newspaper’s podcast staff. They cover the stories you’re likely to encounter on their front page, from the top of politics to global events, as well as other topics.

Other Notable Mentions

  • The Weeds – A podcast that covers the economic, political and policy stories behind the headlines
  • The Ezra Klein Show – Conversations with the world’s most interesting thinkers and leaders
  • The Run-Up – A podcast that looks at the 2020 presidential election and American politics
  • With Friends Like These – A cross-cultural conversations about faith, identity and politics

No matter which one you choose you’re sure to get a great podcast that covers the political topics of the day. So get ready to get informed, get involved and get to know the political issues of today! Every political enthusiast loves to stay informed and up to date with the ever-changing landscape of politics- and the best way to do that is to listen to political podcasts. Political podcasts provide a wealth of knowledge and insight into current events, as well as offering analytical debate and discussion about political ideology and policies.

For those looking for a quality political podcast, there are plenty of contenders out there in the realm of audio journalism. From weekly broadcasts to one-off interviews, we’ve compiled a list of the best political podcasts to help you stay up to date.

First up is the popular podcast “The Weeds.” Hosted by MSNBC’s policy experts Ezrapolar, Matto and Sarah, “The Weeds” is a weekly dive into the current news around US politics, policy topics, and economics. Through detailed discussion and analysis, the hosts stay on top of all the latest developments, providing insightful commentary and debate every step of the way.

For those looking for an international perspective, the “Worldly” podcast is essential listening. It covers the international political landscape and related issues in the global community, examining topics from different angles and incorporating multiple perspectives. Hosted by Vox’s Zack Beauchamp, it’s an insightful and thought-provoking listen for all those interested in international relations.

The “Politico’s Playbook” podcast is another must-listen for political aficionados. Offering in-depth analysis of the US political scene from Washington insiders, it’s a great way to stay abreast of the news and identify new trends and emerging issues in US politics.

Finally, those wanting to hear from leading political figures should check out the “Talking Feds” podcast. Featuring interviews with key figureheads of the US political arena, this podcast is a great way to stay informed and find out what influential people are saying and thinking about the current landscape.

No matter your political persuasion, there is a range of high-quality political podcasts out there to choose from. Whatever your interest, these podcasts can provide valuable insights and debate to stay up to date on the latest developments in the US and around the world.

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