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Can blockchain solve the ownership debacle over AI generated art?

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Can blockchain solve the ownership debacle over AI generated art?

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Can Blockchain Solve the Ownership Debacle Over AI Generated Art?

AIs are increasingly playing a large role in the creative process, and platforms using Artificial Intelligence to generate art are becoming more and more popular. Think of how many AI-generated visual artwork exists today, or how about the production of AI-music. It can be difficult to determine the original copyright holder of these works, and as a result, artists, developers, or labels are struggling to prove their ownership over AI-generated work. Blockchain technology can solve this ownership debacle.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed ledger technology, providing an immutable and secure way of recording, storing and transferring data privately. It is broadly used in the finance sector but is also applicable to a variety of sectors, such as the music industry, health, energy, voting, and more.

How Can Blockchain Help?

Using blockchain protocol, businesses and creatives can securely store and process digital artwork in order to represent the copyright owner. Here is a list of ways it can help:

  • Securely store digital records: Blockchain provides an immutable and secure way for users to store records and prove their ownership over the creativity generated by AI.
  • Traceability and ownership: With blockchain, the process of copyrighting artwork is more secure and transparent, allowing owners to easily track their work.
  • Protection: As the data is immutable, artwork remains secure from any potential hacking attempts or misappropriation.
  • Smart contracts: Smart contracts allow for artists or developers to grant or sell licenses for the use of their artwork in a secure, automated, and transparent manner.


Blockchain offers an unprecedented opportunity to secure and track digital media ownership. While there is still much work to be done in terms of understanding the implications of copyrighting AI-generated art, blockchain provides an immutable and verifiable way of recording and transferring such data. As the technology behind blockchain continues to be adopted by more and more businesses and users, it will eventually become the norm, creating new opportunities for all stakeholders in the AI-creativity space.

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made its way into virtually every corner of our lives, with the tech being used in everything from facial recognition to natural language processing. But while these advancements have risen significantly in popularity, questions have also been raised about their ownership. This can be especially true when it comes to AI generated art, as the rights of ownership are often murky and difficult to determine. The good news? Blockchain technology may provide a solution.

At its core, blockchain is a distributed ledger that stores and records transactions without the need for a central authority. This means it can provide a secure and transparent environment for transactions, such as those that revolve around transferring and verifying the ownership of AI generated art. This could potentially help to increase confidence in the ownership of the art, and make it much easier to identify the original creator of the work.

In addition, blockchain can also be used to tokenize the artwork, which means it can be integrated into a public network that is connected to a digital asset or coin. This would mean that creators can tokenize their work and use it as a form of currency to buy and sell artwork on the blockchain. This could potentially help to monetize the ownership of the artwork and give creators a much needed financial boost.

Furthermore, with blockchain, it would be much easier to track the art’s ownership rights and identify the original creator. This could be hugely beneficial for artists and protect their work from any form of plagiarism or infringement. It could also potentially help to create a more sustainable art market, as it would be much easier to verify the origin of the artwork and provide more incentives to create more artwork.

In conclusion, it’s clear to see that blockchain technology has the potential to solve the issue of ownership for AI generated art. By providing a secure and transparent environment for recording and transferring ownership of artwork, as well as tokenizing it for monetization purposes, it could help to revolutionize the field and encourage more creators to create work. It would also make it much easier to track the rights of the artwork and prevent plagiarism and infringement. Ultimately, blockchain could be the key to unlocking much needed sustainability and clarity to the art industry.

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