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Crypto Biz: Contagion engulfs Bitcoin miners as bear market continues

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Crypto Biz: Contagion engulfs Bitcoin miners as bear market continues

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Crypto Biz: Contagion Engulfs Bitcoin Miners as Bear Market Continues

The last few weeks have been extremely trying for the crypto industry, as countless projects have been hit hard by the recent bear market. The latest victim of this bear market is none other than Bitcoin miners, many of whom have been forced to shutter their operations as the network’s mining difficulty continues to increase and the price of Bitcoin stays ominously low.

Today, many miners, both big and small, are beginning to feel the pinch of the ongoing bear market and are forced to take drastic measures to stay afloat.

Smaller Miners Struggle

Smaller operators have borne the brunt of the damage, with many being forced to close shop due to an inability to generate a favorable return on investment. Furthermore, these miners had to contend with rising overhead, such as electricity costs and network fees, that had to be written off against their ever-diminishing revenue.

What’s Next for Larger Miners?

While larger miners have, thus far, been able to stay afloat, their future still looks jeopardy. Many of them have already reduced the size of their mining operations, resulting in a collective loss of hash rate on the Bitcoin network.

Additionally, some large miners have resorted to unprofitable measures in order to remain afloat, such as keeping rigs running even when it costs more than the revenue generated.

How Can Miners Survive?

For Bitcoin miners to survive, they’ll need to find new ways to generate value and make mining profitable again. Some miners have already started to look into the possibility of investing in projects outside of mining, such as mining alternate cryptocurrencies or investing in tokens and ICOs.

Others have suggested switching their focus to more efficient mining rigs and reducing operating expenses, such as electricity costs.


It is clear that the bear market has hit miners hard, whether small-time or large-scale. In order for miners to survive, it is essential for them to find new ways to generate value and make mining profitable again. It will be interesting to see what solutions the community comes up with in order for miners to remain viable in the long run.

The bear market for digital assets, in particular Bitcoin, has been ongoing since the start of 2018. The prices of major digital assets have been declining for the past six months, resulting in a decline in profitability for those involved in the mining sector of the cryptocurrency industry.

The impact of this decline in profitability is now being felt by crypto miners, as the reality of a protracted bear market has forced miners to scale back their operations, leading to job losses and business closures. This is particularly noticeable in the mining of Bitcoin and other large cap digital assets, such as Ethereum and Litecoin, as the difficulty of producing new blocks has increased, leading to reduced rewards for miners and an overall decrease in the profitability of mining.

At the same time, concerns over the longevity of the current bear market, and the market’s general lack of direction, have led to the emergence of more speculative investment strategies in the digital asset space. This includes the use of derivatives contracts and over-the-counter currency trading to gain exposure to digital assets. As such, profits from these strategies are often generated from highly volatile movements and speculation, rather than from the generation of new blocks.

Clearly, the continued bear market for digital assets is having a major impact on the crypto mining industry. This is leading to the closure of many small-scale and medium-scale operations, which may have a knock-on effect on larger companies that provide infrastructure and services to crypto miners.

The crypto mining sector is likely to remain impacted by the current bear market in the short term, as miners struggle to generate a sufficient return on investment to justify the significant operational costs that they must incur. As such, it is likely that we will continue to see a consolidation of miners in the industry in the coming months, as well as more miners exiting the market due to market pressures.

Despite the current bear market, the potential for digital assets to reclaim their former highs remains strong. As such, it is likely that those miners who successfully manage their risks and remain in the market during this difficult period will be well positioned to benefit from any future market upturn.

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