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Crypto investment firm CoinShares debuts trading on Nasdaq Stockholm

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Crypto investment firm CoinShares debuts trading on Nasdaq Stockholm

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Crypto Investment Firm CoinShares Debuts on Nasdaq Stockholm

Crypto investment firm CoinShares has unveiled its listing on Nasdaq Stockholm in a landmark moment for the crypto industry. This initial listing on the Stockholm exchange signals the first listing of a crypto investment company on a traditional exchange and thus a significant step towards mainstream acceptance of crypto and digital asset investing.

What is CoinShares?

CoinShares is a venture-backed crypto-asset investment firm and index provider and has pioneered the industry for institutional investors entering the world of digital asset investing. They issue products like the CoinShares XBX Index, Europe’s first crypto index, and offer digital assets products and services to institutional investors, from traditional asset management firms to new crypto-focused ventures.

Reaction to Nasdaq Listing

According to Ryan Radloff, CoinShares’ Co-Founder & CEO, the listing marks a “pivotal moment” in the firm’s journey. “CoinShares is on the cusp of ushering traditional investors into an asset class that many have yet to even consider”, he stated.

The listing also marks a major milestone for the crypto industry at large, signalling a move towards institutional adoption and further mainstream acceptance of crypto investing.

Benefits of Being Listed on Nasdaq

The listing on Nasdaq Stockholm also provides distinct advantages to CoinShares, such as increased visibility and access to capital, enabling the firm to further pursue its mission of bringing institutional capital into the digital asset class.

The listing enhances the trustworthiness of the digital asset investment firm, making them a more attractive option for traditional investors looking to venture into the crypto space.


This Nasdaq Stockholm listing is a major milestone for both CoinShares and the crypto industry at large. The listing signals a move towards mainstream acceptance of crypto and digital asset investing, enabling CoinShares to pursue its mission of ushering institutional investors into the asset class. Through the trustworthiness and increased access to capital it provides, the listing is sure to be a major advantage for the firm and a significant step in its journey.

On January 12th, 2021, Crypto investment firm CoinShares announced its debut on Nasdaq Stockholm. The company is now listed with the stock ticker symbol CS and issued the following press release:

CoinShares, Europe’s leading digital asset investment firm, is pleased to announce that it has met the rigorous requirements to be admitted to trading on Nasdaq Stockholm. The company’s shares will start trading today (January 12th, 2021) under the ticker symbol CS.

CoinShares CEO Adam Grimsley said: “We are excited to become the first blockchain-related company listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. We strongly believe that joining the exchange is a major step forward in our goal of bringing credible crypto financial products to a global audience.”

In a statement, CoinShares highlighted its achievements as a pioneering crypto investment firm, which created the first crypto index fund, the XBT Provider. It also highlighted its feature in the research of possible Bitcoin ETFs and the development of digital asset-based investment techniques for institutional investors.

CoinShares was the first company in the crypto industry to be approved for admission to a regulated European stock exchange. This listing is part of the company’s growth strategy and its mission to be the leader in digital asset investible products accessible to institutions and retail investors alike.

The listing on Nasdaq is yet another milestone on CoinShare’s journey towards global industry leadership, and establishes it as the gold standard for reliable, trusted, and compliant asset managers. With this listing, CoinShares will be able to continue to expand its European reach and provide access to even more people to its high-quality digital asset investments.

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