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Current infrastructure can’t support the metaverse, says Huawei report

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Current infrastructure can’t support the metaverse, says Huawei report

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Huawei Report: The Current Infrastructure Cannot Support the Metaverse

What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is the increasing interconnected virtual world that is the combination of the virtual reality, augmented reality, and the Internet.

Why the Problem?

A new Huawei Technologies report entitled “Digital Life in 2025: Creating the Metaverse” states that the current Internet infrastructure cannot support a global metaverse. The report cites inadequate bandwidth, latency issues, and network regulation issues as the primary causes.

Recommended Solutions

The report recommends a number of solutions to overcome these issues:

  • Fiber optic cable networks: To overcome the problem of inadequate bandwidth, the report recommends using fiber optic cable networks to dramatically increase the available bandwidth.
  • Edge computing technology: To reduce latency, the report recommends using edge computing technology which can reduce the time from requesting and receiving data from a distant server.
  • An international body to promote regulation: The report suggests that an international body should be established in order to promote regulation of the metaverse, in order to facilitate the growth and usage of the global metaverse.


The global metaverse is an increasingly interconnected virtual world with immense potential. However, the current Internet infrastructure is not equipped to support this vision. With the implementation of fiber optic cable networks, edge computing technology, and an international body to regulate the metaverse, the current infrastructure issues can be overcome.

In a recently published report, technology giant Huawei has highlighted a major challenge that lies ahead in the quest to build out an interconnected virtual world known as the ‘metaverse’.

The report states that despite the fact that the 3D digital experience of the metaverse offers endless possibilities, its current success is held back by a lacking infrastructure. The report points to the need for improved network capacity and 5G capability, which would make data transmission quicker.

At present, Huawei reports that the current internet infrastructure is not capable of supporting the metaverse’s enhanced graphics, 3D modeling, and real-time interactions.

In addition, the report highlights the need to address security concerns when building out a metaverse, as many users and developers of the technology are uncertain whether the data they transmit and access will be kept secure. The report suggested that government and legal regulations must be put in place to ensure that any data shared on the metaverse is protected.

Finally, the report also sheds light on a number of additional problems that must be addressed, such as the challenge of a saturated market and the burden of connecting willing devices to the metaverse.

It is clear that while the technological capabilities required to develop the metaverse exist, a number of issues must be addressed in order to ensure its successful implementation. Huawei’s report signals a call to action to the public and private sector to come together and make this vision a reality.

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