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December 2022: What’s New for Developers at Shopify

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December 2022: What’s New for Developers at Shopify

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December 2022: What’s New for Developers at Shopify?

Shopify has recently announced the new changes to the developer platform for app and theme developers. Here’s a brief overview about what’s new for developers this December 2022.

Theme Kit

Shopify’s new ‘Theme Kit’ feature simplifies the development process of creating Shopify themes. It has a number of benefits such as:

  • Make changes to themes without code: With the new ‘Theme Kit’ feature, developers no longer need to write code to make changes to themes. Changes can now be made directly from the browser via the Theme Editor UI.
  • More efficient workflow: With the new ‘Theme Kit’ feature, developers can work faster and more efficiently by using modern tools such as Git and Liquid. This will allow developers to quickly and easily make changes to their themes.
  • Quick hosting: Developers can now quickly deploy their themes to Shopify’s Theme Kit server. This allows for faster and more secure deployment of themes.

Shopify App CLI

The new Shopify App CLI feature simplifies the development process of creating Shopify Apps. Here are some of the benefits that it brings:

  • Easier command line experience: The Shopify App CLI allows developers to speed up the process of creating, managing and publishing apps. It provides an easier command line experience, allowing developers to quickly create and publish apps.
  • Manage multiple apps: Developers can now manage multiple apps more easily with the new Shopify App CLI. This will allow developers to quickly and easily work on multiple apps at once.
  • Faster app publication: Shopify App CLI will allow developers to quickly publish apps to the Shopify App Store. This will speed up the process of making apps available to the public.


Shopify’s new developments for December 2022 make creating themes and apps for Shopify easier and more efficient for developers. The new ‘Theme Kit’ and ‘Shopify App CLI’ features will allow developers to quickly and easily create and publish themes and apps to the Shopify App Store. December 2022 has seen the introduction of a host of new and exciting features for developers working with the popular Shopify platform. Over the last two years, Shopify has been investing heavily in its developer experience, and the result is an intuitive and efficient system with a range of powerful tools and functions. Below, we’ll look at some of the new features that are now available to developers working with Shopify.

Shopify App CLI

Shopify Apps CLI is a new command line interface for developers with advanced technical needs. This powerful tool allows developers to quickly build, debug and manage store-related applications directly from the terminal. This allows for much faster development, with better problem resolution, and improved development collaboration.

Admin API Pro

Administrative responsibilities have been made much easier with the release of Admin API Pro. This powerful resource allows developers to easily access and modify any setting within the Shopify platform, allowing for faster and more efficient solutions to user needs.

Platform APIs

The Shopify platform APIs has been enhanced and expanded, with a range of new communication and management features. These include access to the newest products, improved search functions, and the ability to retrieve more detailed information about user orders. These changes are all designed to make the platform easier and more intuitive to use.

Local Development

Shopify has introduced a new local development environment, which allows developers to locally develop and test applications, before pushing them to the live environment. This eliminates the need to deploy and maintain separate development and production environments.

Secure Deliveries

Shopify has enhanced its secure delivery feature. This new feature allows Shopify to securely deliver purchased items directly to customers, eliminating the need for manual pick-up and shipping.

Shopify Integration

Shopify has improved its integration with external services, allowing for more seamless integration between Shopify and third-party platforms. This simplifies the process of integrating with multiple external services, allowing developers to quickly deploy solutions across multiple platforms.

Shopify Payments

The Shopify Payments system is now easier and faster to use. Shopify now allows for faster payments and sendouts, allowing for a faster and more efficient payment process for both customers and merchants.

There you have it – a quick overview of some of the new and improved features for developers using Shopify in December 2022. With its range of powerful tools, efficient API solutions and improved integrations and efficiency, Shopify is the perfect platform for today’s competitive developers.

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