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How to Add a Podcast to Samsung Podcasts

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How to Add a Podcast to Samsung Podcasts

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How to Add a Podcast to Samsung Podcasts

Samsung Podcasts is a great platform for listening to your favorite audio shows and discovering new ones — but how do you add your favorite podcasts to Samsung? Here’s a quick guide to getting started.

Step 1: Download the Samsung Podcasts App

The first step is to download and install the Samsung Podcasts app. The app is compatible with many of Samsung’s devices and can be found in the Google Play store.

Step 2: Use the Search Function

Once you have opened and signed into the Samsung Podcasts app, use the search function to find the podcast you want to listen to. You can easily search for popular podcasts by name or keyword.

Step 3: Add Podcasts to Your Library

When you have found the podcast you wish to listen to, click on the plus sign to add it to your library. You will then see the podcast appear under the “My Library” section of your app.

Step 4: Customize Your Playlist

You can customize your playlist by setting how many episodes to display, how often the app will check for updates, and how many episodes the app will keep in your library.

Step 5: Listen To Your Podcasts

Once your podcast is added to your library, you can start exploring the thousands of audio programs available. Select an episode and hit “play” to begin listening. You can also download episodes to listen to them offline.


With Samsung Podcasts, it’s easy to find and listen to your favorite audio shows. Use the steps above to get started exploring the thousands of audio programs available.

Happy listening! Adding a Podcast to Samsung Podcasts can be an easy way to stay up to date on your favorite topics. With podcasts, users can listen to audio broadcasts and stay engaged with their favorite topics and genres. Whether you are a user of Samsung’s native podcast app, or a third-party podcast app, here is a step by step guide to add a podcast to Samsung Podcasts.

First, open up Samsung’s podcast app. There you will find the Podcasts icon from the bottom app menu. Tap the icon and the app will launch. Next, you will find the search tool on the top right corner of your screen. Tap the search icon and type in either the name of the podcast you’re looking for or the name of the show. If a podcast pops up after searching, tap on the podcast and select “add to library”. This will add the podcast to your library and you can access it from your library on the home page.

If the podcast doesn’t pop up after searching, you can search the podcast by copy and pasting the URL and select “add to library”. This will add the podcast and you can access it from your library later.

Once you have added the podcast to your library, select the podcast from your library and start streaming episodes. You will be able to download the podcast and listen to it anytime.

Samsung’s podcast app provides users with the ability to customize their listening experience. Tap on the podcast from your library, select the “…” menu, and select settings. Here, users have the ability to customize playback speed and the sound quality settings. Users can also choose to be notified when a new episode is available.

Adding a podcast to Samsung Podcasts is an easy process. With these steps, users can quickly access their favorite podcast topics and keep up to date with them.

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