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How to come up with a brand name: The ultimate guide

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How to come up with a brand name: The ultimate guide

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How to come up with a brand name: The Ultimate Guide

Starting a business is an exciting endeavor and coming up with a brand name may seem like an intimidating task. The right name can make or break a brand, so it’s important to put thought into the process. Here’s the ultimate guide to getting your brand the recognition it deserves.


Brainstorming is key in coming up with a brand name. Here’s a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Product names: Take a look at your product or service and try to think of an innovative name that reflects whatever makes your brand unique
  • Neologisms: Make up a word that reflects the vision of your business operations and values.
  • Location/Affiliations: Take inspiration from a place or something that you’re associated with and use it to create a unique brand name.


Conduct market research to ensure the uniqueness of your brand name. Take a look at competitors in the market and try not to create a name that’s too similar to any existing brands. Tech companies have additional research requirements such as making sure that the domain name is available. Websites such as domainsbot.com can be used to make sure your brand name is a viable option for a website.

Consider Brand Attributes

Your brand name should be an accurate representation of your company. Consider words that evoke the message, mission and values of your brand. Be creative but remain true to the values of your organization.

Get Help

Sometimes it’s best to complement the strategizing process with assistance from a professional. NameStormers are experienced experts who specialize in creating brand names. Leverage their expertise to find the perfect name that’s unique, memorable and authentic.

Test and Analyze

The best way to test a brand name is by running it through focus groups. Gather opinions on how potential customers feel about the name and the potential logos and designs that would accompany the name. Analyze their feedback and modify your branding strategies accordingly.

To sum it up, coming up with a brand name requires a combination of creative thinking, strategic planning and research. Put in the necessary effort, test and analyze feedback and you’ll have a name that will give your brand the recognition it deserves.

New businesses need a catchy and unique brand name that summarizes the company’s mission and values. Although it is seen as one of the most challenging aspects of starting a business, coming up with the perfect business name does not have to be overwhelming.

The following are some tips to remember when creating a brand name.

1. Make it descriptive: People often make snap judgments based on the name of a company. Thus, a descriptive name can convey what a company’s product or service is all about, making it easier to remember.

2. Keep it short and simple: A short business name is easier to remember, spell, and say. Therefore, it should be kept as short as possible while still being meaningful. Additionally, brand names should be easy to pronounce and formed of straightforward letters and words—making them more universally recognizable.

3. Check its availability: Once you have an idea of what you want your name to be, it is important to check its availability online. You should also make sure no one else is using the same name and check if the name is available as a domain name.

4. Consider the aesthetics: As branding has become a larger part of marketing over the years, businesses need to take aesthetics into consideration when coming up with a name. A catchy name paired with a fitting logo will be more impactful than one without a visual identity.

5. Create a unique and memorable tagline: A powerful tagline will give the business name more impact and make it easier to remember. An original and concise tagline can be a great complement to a business name, providing an extra layer of clarity and direction.

Coming up with the perfect business name takes some trial and error, but these simple tips will help guide you through the process. From coming up with a descriptive name, to checking its availability and creating an unforgettable tagline, the key is to strive for a name that is both easy to remember and conveys your company’s mission and values.

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