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How to Find the Best Podcast Guests & Have Great Interviews 

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How to Find the Best Podcast Guests & Have Great Interviews 

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How to Find the Best Podcast Guests & Have Great Interviews

As many podcasters know, having a great guest on your show can be a great way to bond with your audience, create valuable content and attract new listeners. But finding the right podcast guests and ensuring their interviews are excellent can be challenging. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to locate good guests and ensure great interviews.

1. Define Your Podcast

Before you start looking for podcast guests, it’s important to crystalize and define the goals of your podcast. This can help you determine what kind of guests you should target and what kind of topics you should explore in your interviews. A well-defined podcast can also help you determine the format of your interviews and how to best communicate with guests to make sure the interview is a success.

2. Start Networking

One of the best ways to find great podcast guests is to actively start networking with individuals who could be a good fit. Reach out to other podcasters, show hosts, bloggers and industry influencers you think might be able to provide helpful advice or wisdom for your show.

Additionally, forge connections with companies and brands in your niche. They may be able to offer great guests or provide helpful advice.

3. Utilize Social Media 

Social media can be a great tool to both advertise your show and find potential guests. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other platforms can help you reach a wide audience, generate interest and leverage the communities you are already part of.

Additionally, use social media to target influencers, share interviews and post engaging content that will attract potential guests.

4. Ask Your Audience 

Make sure to get input from your listeners as well! They might be able to provide helpful feedback or even recommend people they think would be a great guest on your podcast.

5. Use Direct Outreach 

When you finally find a guest you want to bring on the show, it’s important to make sure you reach out properly and politely. Use emails, social media messages or even make direct phone calls to introduce your podcast and explain why having your guest on the show will be beneficial for them.

Mention the topics you plan to discuss and provide any relevant details that may be helpful.

6. Guide the Interview 

Once the guest is on the show, make sure to guide the conversation throughout. Have topics ready in advance and make sure to transition smoothly from one topic to the other.

From the beginning, define the general structure of the interview but leave room for the guest to explore different topics and share their experiences. Be sure to keep track of time, ask interesting questions and be mindful of the listener’s needs.

7. Post-Interview 

After the interview is over make sure to thank the guest, mention any recordings they should be aware of and thank them again. It’s a good idea to keep track of the guests you have invited and be sure to send follow-up emails.


Finding great podcast guests and having great interviews can be challenging, but using the tips outlined above can help tremendously. Start defining your podcast, start networking, leverage social media, ask your audience and introduce yourself directly. Finally, make sure to pay attention to your guest when the interview is taking place and express your appreciation afterwards. When launching a podcast, it’s essential to have the right guests on your show to have successful interviews that keep your listeners engaged. The best podcast guests can provide expert insight, captivating stories and advice that can help foster growth and build a loyal fan base. Here are a few tips on how to find the best podcast guests and ensure great interviews.

The most important step when finding podcast guests is to determine the topic and focus for your episode. Is the episode about a particular industry or professional field? Will the episode focus on something more broad such as personal development or life tips? Once you have determined the focus for your episode, you can begin searching for the perfect guest.

The best place to search for guests is on social media. Ask your friends, connections, and followers if they know anyone in the topic of discussion who may be interested in being a guest. This is a great way to find people within your network who may have valuable insight on the topic.

Additionally, there are several resources available online that can help you find expert guests. Sites like PodcastGuestList.com, PodcastGuests.com, and each of the social media platforms have search functions that will help you identify potential guests with the right expertise.

When choosing a podcast guest, finding someone with similar interests is key. Look for someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about the topic, who speaks confidently and is comfortable talking to an audience. When contacting potential guests, make sure to provide a detailed explanation of the episode topic, research their work and personal history, and show how they are an ideal fit for the episode.

Finally, ensure great interviews by taking the time to do some pre-interview prep. This includes creating a script or episode outline ahead of time, researching the guest and their topic extensively, and ensuring that the recording equipment is working properly and you have the right set up for the interview.

Whether you’re looking for industry experts, entrepreneurs or just interesting people, with the right preparation and research, you’ll be able to find the best podcast guests and have great interviews with them.

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