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How to Move Your Podcast from Spreaker

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How to Move Your Podcast from Spreaker

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How To Move Your Podcast from Spreaker

Many podcast creators may want to make a switch from Spreaker to another hosting service. Luckily, the process is quite simple, and can be accomplished quite quickly.

Why Should I Move My Podcast?

There are a few reasons you may want to move your podcast away from Spreaker:

  • You may be seeking out a platform that offers more features, such as better analytics, more storage capacity, etc.
  • Your podcast may have grown beyond Spreaker’s capabilities
  • You want to find a hosting service that is more compatible with your current goals and needs

How To Move Your Podcast from Spreaker

Moving your podcast from Spreaker to another hosting service is easy. Here’s how you can do it:

  • 1. Create an account at your new host

    You’ll need to create an account at your new host before you can transfer your podcast to them. Make sure you do this before you start the transfer.

  • 2. Locate Your Podcast’s RSS Feed

    On Spreaker, you can find your podcast’s RSS feed by going to the “Publish” tab and copying the link. You’ll need this link to transfer your podcast.

  • 3. Transfer Your Podcast

    Once you’ve logged into your new host, you’ll want to look for a feature called “import/migrate podcast”. Use the RSS link you copied from Spreaker to transfer your podcast and all of its episodes.

  • 4. Update Your Subscription Links

    After the transfer is complete, you’ll need to update your subscription links, so that new listeners can find your podcast in its new home. This can be done through several different services (such as FeedBurner) that provide URLs for people to subscribe to your new RSS feed.


Moving your podcast away from Spreaker is a relatively easy process. Just make sure you create an account at your new host, locate your podcast’s RSS feed, transfer your podcast, and update your subscription links – and you’re all set! Are you looking to start a podcast, but want to switch your platform? If you’re currently using Spreaker but want to transition your podcast to another platform, this article will help you. Here’s how to move your podcast from Spreaker.

1. Download Your Audio Files

The first step in moving your podcast from Spreaker is to download your audio files. You can do this by navigating to the Files page of your Spreaker account. From there, you can download mp3 versions of all your podcasts.

2. Create an Account with Your New Hosting Platform

Once you’ve downloaded your audio files, the next step is to create an account with your new podcast hosting platform. Most podcast hosting platforms offer free trial periods, so you can test out different platforms before you commit to one.

3. Upload Your Audio Files

After you’ve created an account with your new podcast hosting platform, you can upload your audio files. Many platforms offer drag and drop functionality, allowing you to quickly and easily upload your files.

4. Generate an RSS Feed

After you’ve uploaded your audio files, you’ll need to generate an RSS feed. An RSS feed is a web-based list of content that allows people to subscribe to your podcast. Most podcast hosting platforms will generate an RSS feed for you automatically.

5. Submit Your RSS Feed to Podcast Directories

Once you’ve created an RSS feed, you can submit it to podcast directories such as iTunes and Stitcher. Submitting your RSS feed to these directories will make it easier for people to discover your podcast.

By following these steps, you can easily move your podcast from Spreaker to another platform. With a little bit of effort, you’ll be able to get your podcast up and running on a new platform in no time. Good luck!

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