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How To Record Your Podcast Using Zoom & Upload to YouTube

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How To Record Your Podcast Using Zoom & Upload to YouTube

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How To Record Your Podcast Using Zoom & Upload to YouTube

Recording interviews, lecture recordings and other audio with Zoom can be a great way to start distributing content through popular websites, like YouTube. Here are steps to record and upload your podcast using Zoom and create your own branded platform.

Step 1: Creating a Zoom Meeting

  • Install Zoom – Head to the official zoom website and create an account if you don’t already have one. Then download and install the version you want.
  • Invite Guests – Invite the people you want to join the podcast using the Meeting ID by clicking the link that’s generated to invite.
  • Enable the ‘Record’ Option – Diagnostics>Record your meeting and you’ll get the option to record locally or to the cloud on a public, private or federated cloud. When choosing cloud, you’ll be asked if you want to automatically transcribe the audio to text.

Step 2: Recording your Podcast

  • Choose the participants – Decide who will appear before you start, who will be the main host and if you want to display your full screen or not.
  • Configure – Head to settings and choose the audio option Zoom highly recommends. Make sure you select “record from the computer.”
  • Draw Attention – If you want to display your screen, consider using a visual aid like Prezi or Powtoon to make sure your audience is paying attention.
  • Ensure Quality – Check the recording quality and make sure to keep an eye on your audio and video levels.

Step 3: Upload Your Podcast to YouTube

  • Share Options – Zoom gives you three options to share. Use the first option, and your file will automatically be downloaded to your media library.
  • Create an Upload – Go to your YouTube creator studio, click the upload button and add the media file you just downloaded from Zoom. Fill in all the required information including the title and don’t forget to include your keywords.
  • Monetize Your Video – You have the option at this stage to monetize your video. Make sure to read all the policy rights and enable it if you want to earn an income from your video.
  • Publish Your Video – When you’re ready, click the publish button and your podcast will be live on YouTube.

Once you’ve mastered recording your podcast with Zoom and uploading it to YouTube, you can quickly create a personalized and branded platform that will help you increase engagement and views. Recording podcast episodes is often seen as a challenge, however, with the right tools, equipment, and platforms it can be much easier. In this article we’ll explain step-by-step how to record your podcast using Zoom and upload it to YouTube.

First, set up your podcast with the equipment you need. This equipment may include microphones, microphone stands, and headphones. Additionally, you’ll need headphones with a microphone input to connect to your computer and the Zoom app.

Second, set up your podcast with the appropriate audio settings. Make sure the audio input options, recording quality settings, and other settings are adjusted to the appropriate levels for your podcast recording. If you’re unclear about which settings to choose, consult the Zoom app’s user manual.

Next, install the Zoom app on your computer, register for an account, and log in. Sign into the meeting or webinar tab, as Zoom enables you to record podcasts directly from the application.

Fourth, add the guest speakers to your podcast recording. If you are recording guests remotely, make sure each person has the Zoom app installed on their device and that everyone is connected to the same channel.

Once you’ve established connection with everyone, you can start recording your podcast. Make sure to select the right settings for the podcast, such as the microphone, headphones, and recording settings, before you start recording. You can also add video if you would like recordings to appear on YouTube – simply click the video icon and you will be able to start recording video alongside the audio.

When your podcast is complete, simply click “end podcast” in the Zoom app and the finished recording will be saved to your account.

Finally, upload your podcast to YouTube. Zoom allows you to sync with YouTube, so your podcast can be uploaded and viewed on the platform directly from the application. To sync with YouTube, log into your account and select the ‘share to YouTube’ option on the Zoom app platform. This will open up a dialogue box allowing you to upload your podcast directly.

That’s it! Thanks to Zoom, recording and uploading a podcast to YouTube can be done quickly, easily, and safely. With these steps, you can start recording and publishing your podcast in no time.

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