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How To Record Your Podcast Using Zoom & Upload to YouTube

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How To Record Your Podcast Using Zoom & Upload to YouTube

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Recording Your Podcast Using Zoom & Upload to YouTube

If you are looking to create a podcast or audio recording, Zoom and YouTube are two great tools that can help you achieve this. With Zoom, you can record a podcast episode or other audio with ease and then easily upload it to YouTube for people to watch or listen to. In this article, we will discuss how to record your podcast using Zoom and how to upload it to YouTube.

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Set Up: Before you can begin recording, you will need to make sure you have the necessary equipment, such as a computer with a microphone, a pair of headphones, and Zoom. Once that is set up, open Zoom and go to the “Settings” tab and make sure that the recording options are set to “on”.
  2. Create a Room: Now that you have your recording settings enabled, you will need to create a “room” in Zoom. Go to the “New Meeting” tab and create a meeting room with a name that is related to your podcast. Invite any guests who will be participating in the podcast and make sure they are in the room before you start.
  3. Record: Once everyone is in the room, you can begin recording. Click the “Start” button in the top right corner to begin recording. You can also enable the “Record” button in the Zoom menu to start recording any audio that is inputted into the room. You can also adjust the levels of input and output to accommodate any guests with weaker or louder audio.
  4. Edit & Upload: Once you are finished recording, you can edit the recording in Zoom if you wish. Once your recording is the way you want it, you can upload it to any video hosting site such as YouTube. To do this, simply open YouTube and click the “upload” button. Then, select “upload from computer” and select the file from Zoom that you wish to upload. From there, you can fill out the information for the video/podcast and then it will show up as a video on YouTube.


Recording a podcast or audio with Zoom and uploading it to YouTube is a relatively easy process and can be done within minutes. Setting up recording in Zoom is quick and simple, and once you’ve done that, the rest is just a matter of uploading the audio file to YouTube and filling out the basic information. With Zoom and YouTube, creating and sharing a podcast is not only easy, but it can also be very rewarding. Recording a podcast has never been easier than with the combination of Zoom and YouTube. By leveraging the audio and video capabilities of both applications, users are able to easily create quality podcasts that will be seen and heard by audiences all around the world. This article will cover how to record a podcast using Zoom and upload it to YouTube.

First, you’ll need to create an account with both Zoom and YouTube. Once you have created your accounts, you will need to select a suitable microphone for your podcast. A good microphone quality is crucial for creating a successful podcast. Additionally, make sure you have access to recording software, such as Audacity or Adobe Audition, that is compatible with Zoom and can export the audio to YouTube.

The next step is to create your podcast in Zoom. It is important to first check the settings are correct so your audio and video are of good quality. You can set the microphone, as well as make sure any accompanying visuals are correctly displayed before recording. Once you’ve set up the podcast, you can begin your recording.

Once your podcast has been recorded, you can save it in the desired audio format. This format will depend on what type of file type you want to export to YouTube. To ensure a good quality, it’s recommended to save the audio file as a .wav, .mp3, or .m4a.

The final step is to upload the audio to YouTube. Once uploaded, you can add the podcast to your channel and edit the settings. This will allow you to create the perfect video for your audience and give viewers an insight into who you are and what your podcast is about.

In conclusion, with the combination of Zoom and YouTube, creating and uploading your podcast is made easier. The steps outlined above will help you record your podcast to the best quality and upload it to YouTube without any issues.

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