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iGuru – Education & Courses WordPress Theme

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iGuru – Education & Courses WordPress Theme

iGuru design

Explore an Education-Based WordPress Theme with iGuru

Are you looking to create a stunning education-based website with WordPress? Look no further than iGuru! It’s an advanced, highly customizable Education & Courses WordPress Theme designed specifically for educational websites, like online courses, language schools, and universities.

Flexible Design Options

iGuru comes with a variety of design options for your education-based website. It has a responsive design and you can choose from a variety of layouts, page styles, and color schemes. You can also customize the design to match your vision and branding.

Easy-to-Use Functionality

In addition to the design options, iGuru is easy to use and navigate. It offers features like Courses, Timetable, and Event Management, along with advanced search for finding specific content quickly. It also has a simple drag-and-drop page builder that you can use to create beautiful pages without any coding.


iGuru’s features include:

  • Responsive Design: A responsive design that looks great on all devices.
  • Multiple Layout Options: A variety of page styles, layout options, and color schemes.
  • Courses: Manage courses and track student progress.
  • Event Management: Create, manage, and promote events with ease.
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder: Build stunning pages without any coding.
  • Timetable: Create and manage timetable with ease.

iGuru is the perfect choice for education-based websites, like online courses, language schools, and universities. It’s designed to make it easy to create a beautiful and functional website without the need for coding. With its powerful design options and easy-to-use functionality, iGuru is the perfect WordPress theme for creating a stunning education-based website. IGuru is an Education & Courses WordPress Theme that is perfect for creating user-friendly, modern and beautiful educational websites. With its intuitive drag-and-drop page builders, customizers, and plugins, it’s easy to build and customize your online course platform.

The theme itself is easily customizable and flexible, with a powerful drag-and-drop page builder. This allows you to add sections to any part of the site and customize them easily. You can also select from dozens of beautifully designed templates for different sections and pages. The real-time preview feature helps you get a quick feel for how it looks in real life.

The powerful admin panel helps you effectively manage your educational website with the help of a variety of settings. You can easily determine the visibility and access of each course or teacher on the website. Additionally, you can change the look, feel, and layout of the theme itself with the help of customizers, allowing you to gain sophistication and uniqueness.

In addition, iGuru is also compatible with several popular plugins such as Gravity Forms and WooCommerce. This allows you to further customize the website, such as adding contact forms, payment gateways and more. Its dedicated team of developers is also constantly updating it to make sure the iGuru experience is top-of-the-line.

Overall, if you want a feature-rich, modern and easy-to-use Education & Course WordPress Theme, iGuru is the perfect option for you. With its intuitive customization and plugins, it’s easy to build, customize and manage your online course platform.

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