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Lessons from Publishing 100 Podcast Episodes in 1 Year (#11)

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Lessons from Publishing 100 Podcast Episodes in 1 Year (#11)

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Lessons from Publishing 100 Podcast Episodes in 1 Year (#11)

Producing a podcast can be a daunting task, especially if you are attempting to publish multiple episodes a year. However, with enough dedication, skill and problem-solving, it is possible to get it done. Here are our top five lessons from publishing 100 podcast episodes in one year:

1. Remain Organized and Prepared

Organization of your podcast content is key to success. Make sure that you are always prepared with a set workflow, such as making a planning document, setting specific tasks to be done and meeting deadlines.

2. Have a Clear Structure

It is important to have a clear plan of how you want each episodes to flow, from the introduction to the conclusion. Having a structure makes it easier to plan and map our ideas, and having a well-structured episode will keep listeners engaged.

3. Utilize Different Types of Media

Varying your podcast content with different audio, video and written elements will help keep listeners engaged. It is also a great way to solicit feedback or open up conversation about the topic you are covering.

4. Start Networking

Building relationships with other podcasters is a great way to create new opportunities for collaboration and make sure that your podcast is seen by others. Networking will also help you to learn more about podcasting and how to engage with potential listeners.

5. Experiment with Different Approaches

Be creative and don’t be afraid to try new things. Let your audience know that you are always willing to try different approaches and innovate. Experimenting with different formats, such as interviews and roundtable discussions, will keep your podcast fresh and engaging.

Publishing 100 podcast episodes in one year can be a challenge, but with determination and creativity, it can be done. By following these five tips, you can make sure that your podcast is successful and meets all of your expectations. At the beginning of 2019, I set an ambitious goal: to create and publish 100 podcast episodes in one year. After 365 days, I achieved my goal. Along the way, I not only proved to myself I could accomplish the task, but I also learned several valuable lessons.

Through my experience, I saw the importance of having a plan and learning to adapt. When I first started, I stuck stubbornly to an overall game plan. As time went on, I realized I needed to adjust and adapt to the realities of my daily schedule. Through this process, I gained a better understanding of my bandwidth and how much I could commit to each episode.

Second, I found that preparation was key. Planning ahead is integral for success – whether that’s researching topics for each podcast episode, booking guests, writing a script, or creating a template for editing. I also quickly discovered that efficiency was just as important. For example, I created standard questions for guests so that I wouldn’t have to spend time coming up with them each time.

Third, I saw the value of consistency. Publishing a podcast episode each week taught me the importance of being consistent. Releasing episodes regularly kept my listeners engaged and created a sense of reliability around the show.

Lastly, I developed a better understanding of the podcast editing, mixing and mastering process. I now understand the ins and outs of how to create a great-sounding podcast and I no longer feel lost when I’m going through the podcasting process.

Overall, my experience of publishing 100 podcast episodes in one year was rewarding and filled with valuable lessons. Regardless of the goal and the project you’re undertaking, I believe these four takeaways are essential for success. Plan, prepare, remain consistent and develop a better understanding of the process.

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