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Mati Greenspan’s boss bribed him with 1 BTC to join Twitter: Hall of Flame

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Mati Greenspan’s boss bribed him with 1 BTC to join Twitter: Hall of Flame

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Mati Greenspan’s Boss Bribed Him With 1 BTC To Join Twitter: Hall of Flame

Mati Greenspan, Senior Analyst at leading cryptocurrency broker eToro, recently reported that his boss had bribed him with 1 BTC to join Twitter’s Hall of Flame, a new feature allowing crypto enthusiasts to recognize influential people in the industry.

What is Hall of Flame?

Hall of Flame is a feature that allows people to showcase their appreciation for influential figures in the cryptocurrency field. It was launched by Twitter in June 2019 and is meant to recognize people succeeding in making an impact in the industry.

What does Mati Greenspan get for joining?

Mati Greenspan received 1 BTC for joining Twitter’s Hall of Flame and publicizing it on his page. He also received some exposure from being recognized as an authority in the cryptocurrency field.

Why Does It Matter?

The news is significant because it illustrates how serious the cryptocurrency industry is making an effort to recognize and reward people making a difference in the field. This trend is expected to continue, as more people are recognizing the value and potential of the industry.

Furthermore, the news shows that the industry is becoming more legitimized, as larger companies such as Twitter, who have a large user base, are now looking to reward influencers with cryptocurrency.

What’s Next?

It is likely that other companies will increasingly offer rewards to influential figures in the industry. This could mean more exposure for those recognized and more awareness for the cryptocurrency sector.

Additionally, it could mean more cryptocurrency being circulated into the market, creating a bigger chance for true adoption and widespread use of the technology.


Mati Greenspan’s boss bribing him with 1 BTC to join Twitter’s Hall of Flame shows that the cryptocurrency industry is serious about recognizing and rewarding people making an impact in the sector. This is beneficial for those involved and the industry at large, as more awareness and legitimate use of the technology is created. It is likely that other companies will follow suit and offer rewards to influential figures in the industry.

Mati Greenspan, a renowned cryptocurrency analyst and founder of Quantum Economics, was recently bribed with 1 Bitcoin (BTC) by his boss to join a Twitter account dubbed the “Hall of Flame”.

The Hall of Flame is a highly active Twitter account dedicated to highlighting highly influential figures within the cryptocurrency industry. Mati Greenspan was among the first to be inducted into this “Hall of Fame” on August 9th, and he followed up the honor with a tweet of thanks.

Greenspan began the exciting news by tweeting “My boss just bribed me with 1 BTC to join the ‘Hall of Flame’! Looks like I’m in the right field…” Greenspan said.

The Hall of Flame is managed by a group of crypto-enthusiasts who celebrate crypto luminaries who have achieved significant impact on the crypto space. The group was established on Jan 21st, 2018, and has since inducted 124 crypto personalities from around the world. Other senior figures inducted include the Winklevoss twins, Litecoin creator Charlie Lee, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, and Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin.

Speaking to CryptoHype on the matter, Greenspan said: “I want to thank everyone at the Hall of Fame for the invitation. It’s an honor to be included in this esteemed group of industry leaders, and I’m looking forward to continuing working hard for the crypto space.”

In a related move, Mati Greenspan joined the “Hall of Flame” Discord server earlier this week, becoming an official member of the group.

The news of Mati Greenspan’s induction into the Hall of Flame has been well-received by the crypto community, and it looks set to be the first of many congratulatory accolades for the veteran crypto figure in the years to come.

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