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MedlinePlus and MedlinePlus En Español Homepages Refreshed

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MedlinePlus and MedlinePlus En Español Homepages Refreshed

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1. How has the user experience on the MedlinePlus and MedlinePlus En Español homepages been improved?

MedlinePlus and MedlinePlus En Español Homepages Refreshed

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) has recently refreshed the homepages for MedlinePlus and MedlinePlus En Español. This marks yet another step in NLM’s journey to improve access to health and medical information for all.

An Easier to Navigate Experience

The refreshed homepages feature a cleaner design, a simplified navigation structure, and direct access to featured topics and other important content. In addition, when using compatible devices, they automatically scale to fit the type of device used. The bottom line is that the user experience is now:

  • Smarter
  • Easier to navigate
  • Desktop- and mobile-friendly

The Revamped Homepages Offer:

  • Health topics of interest: A new selection of topics is available each week from the Discover page.
  • Health News: Users can stay on top of current health news developments with the latest news on MedlinePlus.
  • Community- Submitted Health Tips: Check out the Health Tips page for simple tips and healthy habits submitted by members of the MedlinePlus community.

Accessing Content in Spanish

MedlinePlus En Español provides Spanish-speaking users with access to health information and resources in their native language. This includes a Spanish translation of the entire MedlinePlus website, covering topics from diseases and treatments to healthy living and drug information.

For those looking for help understanding health and medical terms in Spanish, MedlinePlus En Español has a large “Diccionario de Salud” that can help explain many common and uncommon health and medical terms in Spanish.

The refreshed Spanish homepage also offers new, more “translatable” Joomla templates and more direct access to the Diccionario de Salud, topics of the week and news for Spanish-speaking users.

Navigate MedlinePlus and MedlinePlus En Español with Confidence

The refreshed homepages of MedlinePlus and MedlinePlus En Español make it easy to find what you’re looking for quickly, and now you can do so in both English and Spanish. Explore the newly-refreshed homepages and discover what they have to offer.
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2. What plans are in place to continue developing the MedlinePlus and MedlinePlus en español websites to ensure they supply the best health information and user experience?

On June 19th, 2019, the National Library of Medicine (NLM) refreshed the homepages of MedlinePlus and MedlinePlus en español, two websites that provide trustworthy health information.

MedlinePlus, which is designed for users in the United States, and MedlinePlus en español, designed for Spanish speaking populations, both offer updated and reliable healthcare information for the public. The goal of the update was to provide a more user friendly experience for users who navigate the websites.

The homepages now feature improved search functions and navigation tools to make it easier for users to locate right information. Users are now able to access more information on both sites faster, allowing them to make more informed decisions about their health.

The homepages also feature new visuals, making them more visually appealing and easier to read. Additionally, users will find the ability to save topics and provide feedback on their experience with the websites, making their usage of the sites more personalized and interactive.

The new features are part of NLM’s initiative to ensure their sites have the latest design, content and user experience. NLM also plans to continue to update the sites in the future to ensure that they continue to provide the best health information and user experience.

With the update, NLM hopes to expand the reach of their resources and provide more people with access to updated and reliable healthcare information. For these reasons, MedlinePlus and MedlinePlus en español should be utilized by anyone seeking trusted health information.

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