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My MedlinePlus Newsletter Discontinued

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My MedlinePlus Newsletter Discontinued

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1. Is MedlinePlus offering an alternative newsletter to replace the discontinued one?

My MedlinePlus Newsletter Discontinued

Recently, I had noticed that my monthly MedlinePlus newsletters stopped coming in my inbox. This was disappointing as I have relied on this newsletter for years for the latest health information. After further investigation, I found out that MedlinePlus has discontinued their regular email newsletters.

Overview of Discontinuation of MedlinePlus Newsletter

The NIH-sponsored MedlinePlus magazine has been sending out newsletters since 2003, which provides health advice, medical topics and articles, as well as health news to its general public readers. Unfortunately, this newsletter will no longer be sent out on regular basis.

Alternatives for Health News and Information

Although, I am saddened by the discontinuation of this valuable newsletter, there are a variety of other sources that I can turn to for my health news and information. Here is a list of some alternative sources:

  • Go Ask Alice: This website is sponsored by Columbia University’s Health Services and it provides quality information on many health topics.
  • National Institutes of Health: This website provides comprehensive information on health topics, as well as resources for finding additional information.
  • WebMD: This website has extensive information on health topics, treatment options, and drug information.
  • Health Finder: This website is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and has the latest health-related information from the government and other organizations.
  • Family Doctor: This site is sponsored by the American Academy of Family Physicians and offers comprehensive health information as well as tips for staying healthy.

These are just a small sample of the available websites to gather health information. With a little searching, you can find even more sources of the latest health information and news.

Final Thoughts

I am still saddened by the discontinuation of my monthly MedlinePlus newsletters, however I am relieved to know that there are still many other sources that provide quality health information and news. I recommend researching some of the other sources provided to find the one that best fits your needs.
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2. What benefits has the MedlinePlus Newsletter provided to its subscribers over its years of operation?

Recently, I was informed that the MedlinePlus Newsletter will be discontinued. As a long time fan of this excellent resource, I am deeply disappointed to hear this news.

MedlinePlus is a medical website managed by the U.S. government for consumers. The website describes health conditions and treatments, provides information about drug side effects, and even maintains a directory to find local health services. The Newsletter was a free email service that allowed subscribers to receive health news and health advice at no cost.

The MedlinePlus Newsletter served an important function for many people. For starters, it provided information in a straightforward way that was easily digestible. The Newsletter also allowed users to stay updated on the latest health news and resources, which was invaluable for anyone who was looking to stay informed. In addition, the Newsletter provided advice on how to live healthier and made it easy to access a variety of health information in one place.

I will personally miss having access to the MedlinePlus Newsletter. The staff and contributors that made it possible still deserve recognition for their hard work in delivering such a high-quality resource. I’m sure that many other former subscribers will miss the Newsletter as well, particularly those without access to other sources of health information.

Moving forward, it is important to seek out alternatives if you are looking for medical news or advice. There are plenty of resources out there, from print magazines to online health blogs, which can help fill the void left by the discontinued Newsletter. Hopefully, with the help of these new resources, we will all be able to stay informed about our health and make the best decisions for our wellbeing.

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