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Navigation bar design best practices

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Navigation bar design best practices

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Navigation Bar Design Best Practices

Navigation bars are integral parts of any website design and, when done correctly, can be used to improve usability and engage your users. Here we’ve compiled some of the best navigation bar design best practices:

Be Consistent

The navigation bar should remain consistent across all pages so users can easily get around the site. All the navigation elements should remain in one orientation, be it vertical or horizontal, and their positions should never change. Additionally, all textual hyperlinks should be written in the same font and / or font size.


It is important that the navigation bar stands out against the rest of the content. Highlighting it through contrasting colour or using other design elements can really make it clearer for users. However, don’t go overboard with this, or it could clash with the rest of the website.


The navigation bar should be arranged in a logical and simple way. Group related sections together, keep the most important sections on the left, and keep the number of items low — having too many menu items can be overwhelming. Additionally, use clear language and avoid abbreviations.


The navigation bar should remain as accessible as possible, meaning that all users should be able to easily find and use it, regardless of disability or device. Keyboard access and size adjustments should be considered and when using images for navigation, ensure that the alternative text can be understood.


Testing is an important step to ensure that all navigation elements are working correctly and in the intended order. Testing can reveal bugs or user misconceptions and it can be used to really fine-tune the navigation bar. Bloodhound’s visual regression testing is a great way to make sure that any changes don’t affect the design or functionality.

Following these best practices is key to creating a great navigation bar that enhances the usability of your website. Implementing them correctly can not only give you better user engagement and satisfaction levels, but it can also increase conversions.

In the age of digital technology, the importance of good navigation bar design for a website or app is not to be overlooked. Navigation bars are often used to help users quickly and easily access different sections or pages of a website or app. best practices should be followed in order to ensure that website and app navigation are intuitive and easy to use for users.

When designing a navigation bar, the first step is to consider the user flow. What actions will users most likely want to take when they land on a page? Ensure that the navigation bar provides clear and easy access to the pages that will fulfill those needs. It is also essential to keep in mind that the navigation bar should be an accurate representation of the website or app structure, meaning it should accurately reflect the type of content and order of content that is available on the website or app.

In addition, navigation bar design should be kept simple and consistent. Aim to keep the navigation bar short and to the point, with language that is easy to understand. Additionally, stick to one style of navigation throughout the website or app to ensure consistency. The navigation bar should also be contextually relevant and intuitive, such that users can anticipate what page or section they would be directed to without having to look at any explanatory text.

To ensure usability, it is important to pay attention to details such as color schemes and positioning. Color is a useful tool to differentiate between different sections and to establish visual hierarchy. The navigation bar should also be placed in a consistent place on each page of the website or app for ease of access.

Finally, navigation bar design should be responsive and cross-device browser compatible. Ensure that the navigation bar is optimized across multiple devices and looks and works the same way on both desktop and mobile versions of the website or app. By following these best practices, one can ensure that navigation bar design is intuitive and easy to use for website and app users.

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