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New Performance Improvements for Shopify Apps

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New Performance Improvements for Shopify Apps

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New Performance Improvements for Shopify Apps

Performance is a critical aspect of Shopify’s experience for its app developers. Now, Shopify has released new performance improvements for its app developers, allowing them to get the most out of their apps.

How does it work?

The new performance improvements give developers access to powerful tools that help them improve their apps’ performance and keep them running smoothly. These tools include:

  • API Calls: Developers can make far fewer remote API calls and reduce their app’s overall running time.
  • Async Programming: Developers can use new parallel programming techniques to make their apps faster.
  • Cache Management: Developers can set up caches to store and make requests faster on the backend.

What benefits will I get?

The new performance improvements not only help developers improve the speed and efficiency of their apps, but also give them more time to focus on product development. By making fewer API calls and taking advantage of faster parallel programming, companies can quickly innovate, launch new features, and respond quickly to customer feedback.

In addition, developers can also take advantage of Shopify’s new relaunch feature, which helps apps get back up and running quickly after a crash or other issue.


The new performance improvements for Shopify apps are great for developers who want to get the most out of their apps. By taking advantage of fewer API calls, faster parallel programming, and smarter caching, developers can create more efficient and innovative apps. Additionally, Shopify’s relaunch feature will allow developers to get their apps up and running more quickly after an issue. Today, Shopify announced a new set of performance improvements for their apps that are designed to enhance the customer experience and foster greater customer loyalty. These improvements will allow businesses to better manage their customer experience and maximize customer retention.

The new improvements build on the existing Shopify App Store experience. This includes improved app store searches, better customer service options, faster product updates, and improved customer segmentation. Additionally, Shopify has added new integrations with popular third-party platforms such as Stripe and Square. These new integrations will allow business owners to quickly and easily integrate their online store with these popular solutions.

Shopify has also streamlined their product catalog management. Businesses will now be able to enlist merchandise faster and reduce the time required to manage their product catalog. This makes it easier for business owners to stay up to date with the latest trends in their customer’s industry.

In addition to the performance improvements, Shopify is also implementing a new customer service system. They have put in place a customer support team which is available to answer customer questions quickly and efficiently. Alongside this, Shopify will also be introducing customizable notifications and email templates. These features are designed to allow business owners to customize their notifications to fit the changing needs of their customer base.

Finally, Shopify is introducing new customization features for their stores. This includes the ability to add custom fonts and technology solutions such as .js and .css files. These features make it easier for businesses to give their web storefront a unique look and feel.

By implementing these new performance improvements, Shopify is setting itself apart from competitors in the e-commerce space. It is clear that Shopify is continuing to find innovative ways to improve their customer experience and foster customer loyalty. Businesses who leverage Shopify’s new features will be able to maximize their customer retention, reach their target customer more quickly, and make their stores stand out from their competitors.

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