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Podcast Movement 2021: Day 4 Recap

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Podcast Movement 2021: Day 4 Recap

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Podcast Movement 2021: Day 4 Recap

Podcast Movement 2021 proved to be a success yet again. Day 4 was especially energizing and enlightening. After a four-day deep dive into the world of podcasting, let’s take a look at the highlights from the fourth day of the conference.

Key Takeaways

• It was the first day of the Creator Track. Proving the value of podcasting in the media and entertainment industry, professionals discussed the importance of building a powerful brand, sharing tips on monetization and networking, and understanding the power of collaboration.

• During an in-depth exploration of storytelling and audio effects, experts discussed everything from natural human enunciation to sound design. The expert panel shined a spotlight on the creative possibilities that podcasting offers and attributed the form’s success to its innate ability to adapt to its listeners’ needs.

• Experts from various backgrounds provided a wealth of knowledge on the best practices for finding the right podcast host and distribution platform. With the overwhelming rise of podcast downloads, it is essential for creators to understand how to properly extend their reach.

• In the spirit of giving, non-profit organizations were acknowledged and celebrated at the conference. Participants from various organizations discussed the importance of serving their audience and how podcasting can be instrumental in doing so.

• Podcast Movement highlighted the power of podcasting to expand media access for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities through a variety of panel discussions. From creating content that celebrates and uplifts diverse communities and backgrounds to understanding white privilege in the space, attendees garnered insight into the importance of educating ourselves, advocating for change and leading with authenticity.


Reporting & Pitching: From storytelling to marketing and production, gain the tools to create engaging podcast content. Learn how to unlock the potential of reporting and explore the art of pitching stories in the podcasting space.

Women In Podcasting: A world-wide organization of podcasting professionals discussed the importance of increasing visibility for women in the podcasting industry. Through stories of resilience and determination, real-life accounts of success were shared.

Navigating IMDb: In order to maximize your podcast’s potential, understanding the unique nuances of IMDb ratings is essential. Experts discussed best practices to increase ratings and ultimately improve discoverability on Amazon and IMDb.

Podcast Meet-Up: Podcast Movement provided an incredible opportunity to network with professionals and share experiences and ideas. Attendees had the chance to mingle with others in the podcasting community and boost their personal and professional growth.


From in-depth exploration to captivating stories of success, Podcast Movement 2021 Day 4 was an unforgettable experience. Attendees were able to gain valuable insight and knowledge about the podcasting industry, expand their network and leave the conference feeling empowered and motivated. Today marks the end of an incredible four days of the Podcast Movement 2021, the world’s largest virtual podcasting conference. Throughout these four days, attendees have had the honor of gaining crucial insights and strategies from the podcasting industry’s top leaders and influencers. Here, we come to our final day, day four, with a recap of some of this day’s most memorable highlights:

Today kicked off with an incredible keynote by Ira Glass, the producer, host, and creator of the iconic radio program, This American Life. During his speech, he discussed the challenges that still remain in the podcasting industry, from the millennial identity crisis to the power and influence of podcasting network conglomerates.

Attendees also heard from Lean (formerly of the Lean Program) about her journey from a serial entrepreneur to record and launch her own solo podcast. She shared how she was able to unleash the power of podcasting to reach more audience members and provide more content, and the importance of leveraging a “pivot mindset” to improve the effectiveness of a podcast.

The afternoon had many more inspiring moments, such as a talk by the operators of The Anxious Creative podcast. They addressed the need to protect and invest in mental health as a means of unlocking greater creativity. The final official session of the day was led by Serial co-creator Julie Snyder, where she shared her insights on understanding the power of storytelling and creating genuine connections with listeners.

Overall, the fourth day of Podcast Movement 2021 was truly one for the books! But, of course, the learning and networking doesn’t end here. For podcast, creators and industry professionals, the admissions floor of the virtual conference is open throughout the month of March, so you can continue to connect with other attendees and gain invaluable business insights.

In conclusion, Podcast Movement 2021 was filled with immense opportunities and unprecedented learning experiences. As we come to the end of the four days, we will carry with us inspiring lessons and powerful connections that will help us reach greater heights within the podcasting industry.

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