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RSS.com and Grupo Fórmula Form Co-Production Relationship

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RSS.com and Grupo Fórmula Form Co-Production Relationship

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RSS.com and Grupo Fórmula Form Co-Production Relationship

RSS.com, a global media and production company, is joining forces with Grupo Fórmula Form, the leader in Spanish and Latin American language content, to create media solutions for the global market.

Co-Production Solutions

The partnership embraces the creative power of both companies and aims to provide co-production solutions in multiple regions, languages, and platforms.

• RSS.com has extensive experience in producing content for partners and clients worldwide, ranging from feature films to TV series, documentaries, and publicity campaigns.

• Grupo Fórmula Form is an established leader in designing and delivering Spanish and Latin American language content in all areas of media.

The combination of RSS.com’s expertise in content production and the Fórmula Form’s mastery of the Spanish language and Latin American media provide a unique force in the development of innovative media solutions.

Benefits to Clients

The alliance of these two companies offers clients heightened access to global markets, improved content production, translation capabilities, and distribution of Spanish language content in Latin American countries.

• Clients can create Spanish and Latin American language versions of content to reach a wider audience

• Text and visuals for Spanish language content are linguistically correct and culturally relevant to a variety of Latin American countries

• Spanish language productions have an overall higher quality and can be distributed quickly to global markets

• RSS.com and Fórmula Form are both committed to delivering high-end content that meets clients’ objectives on time, on budget, and with exceptional quality

The co-production solution offered by RSS.com and Fórmula Form offers clients a competitive advantage by making their Spanish and Latin American language content accessible to a wider range of audiences.

Spreading Creativity

The partnership is committed to spreading creativity and inspiration on a global scale. By joining forces and embracing the creative power of both companies, the co-production solutions are sure to create impactful and powerful content that reaches audiences around the world.

RSS.com and Grupo Fórmula Form are proud to offer these co-production solutions to clients looking to access the Spanish and Latin American language markets. Grupo Fórmula, a Mexican media company, and CMS company RSS.com have recently announced a formal partnership. The two companies have been working together for some time, producing video content for Grupo Fórmula’s news network FormulaTV. Now, the new relationship will extend their collaboration to include the potential for larger joint projects, connecting Grupo Fórmula’s reach with RSS.com’s creative resources and technical abilities.

The alliance between Grupo Fórmula and RSS.com promises to bring together the expertise of two well-established companies from different industries. Grupo Fórmula has experience in broadcast media and television, while RSS.com has a history of developing innovative feature films, documentaries, and other audiovisual products. The partnership will draw on both companies’ strengths to explore new business opportunities in the media industry.

The agreement is already bearing fruit – in a joint effort, Grupo Fórmula and RSS.com recently launched the new television program “Bargain Shopping,” which reaches millions of viewers each week. For the show, Grupo Fórmula drew on its wide network of contacts to locate bargain shopping locations across Mexico, while RSS.com was responsible for the video production aspects.

The relationship between Grupo Fórmula and RSS.com is emblematic of the constantly changing landscape of media production and consumption. As both companies strive to create content that is timely, relevant, and engaging, the alliance could be a model of modern collaboration for other media companies. With its combined strengths, the partnership should bring about exciting new opportunities in the field of media production and broadcasting.

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