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RSS.com partners with Podbox in Mexico to produce and monetize original podcasts

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RSS.com partners with Podbox in Mexico to produce and monetize original podcasts

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RSS.com Partners with Podbox in Mexico to Produce and Monetize Original Podcasts

RSS.com is pleased to announce it’s recent partnership with Podbox, Mexico’s leading podcast producer and monetization platform, to produce and monetize original Spanish language podcasts. This new development marks a significant milestone for both RSS.com and Podbox in an effort to expand the Latin American podcast market, and provide broader access to premium podcast content.

Stronger Together

The collaboration between RSS.com and Podbox bolsters the two companies’ already successful platforms. RSS.com is devoted to providing popular podcasts from independent creators, while Podbox is dedicated to connecting quality content with audiences, and helping producers monetize their works.

Amplifying the Latin American Podcast Market

The partnership aims to bolster the Latin American podcast market by providing audiences access to original podcasts that connect them to their culture and indigenous stories. This project can also help to encourage self-identity among Latin American people and expand their digital footprint.

Through this collaboration, both companies bring their individual strengths to the table. RSS.com provides years of experience in the podcast market, developing an algorithm that recommends shows that best fit user interests. The RSS.com platform is designed to support and give visibility to independent creators, helping them build a fan base and monetize their works.

Bringing Podcast Creation Expertise to Content Producers

Meanwhile, Podbox brings its expert podcast production team to the table, helping content producers to create professional audio content. From audio editing and mixing to promo production and podcast transcription, Podbox’s team provides producers with the tools they need to create and publish high-quality podcasts. Additionally, Podbox emphasizes monetization with creative campaigns that help content producers to make a living from their works.


RSS.com’s parthership with Podbox sets the stage for exciting innovation in the Latin American podcast market. Together, these two companies are working to broaden access to quality content, and empower content producers to create and monetize original works.

To learn more about the RSS.com and Podbox partnership, visit rss.com/partnership-with-podbox. RSS.com, a leading podcast creation and monetization service, has announced its new alliance with Podbox, a Mexico-based multimedia production company. The partnership will enable entrepreneurs, businesses, and creators to easily produce and monetize original podcasts that reach a wider base of Mexican listeners.

RSS.com is the perfect partner for business professionals, entrepreneurs, and content creators who need a comprehensive collaboration and content production platform. Podbox’s Mexico-based studio and award-winning production team will give RSS.com’s customers access to an experienced team of engineers, sound designers, and editors specialized in creating high-quality audio content with cutting-edge technology.

Podbox offers comprehensive podcast production services, from audio editing and mastering to show artwork, background music and SFX, and distribution. Podcasts produced by Podbox will be easily integrated into RSS.com’s platform, allowing creators to more easily access the tools they need to monetize their content and reach the estimated 6.5 million podcast listeners in Mexico.

Together, RSS.com and Podbox will help content creators in Mexico reach a larger and more engaged audience, while streamlining production, optimizing monetization, and bringing their audio and video content to life. This alliance strengthens RSS.com’s and Podbox’s positions internationally and promises to usher in a new wave of podcast creation and monetization in Mexico.

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