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RSS.com to Offer Automatic Distribution of Podcasts to Boomplay

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RSS.com to Offer Automatic Distribution of Podcasts to Boomplay

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RSS.com to Offer Automatic Distribution of Podcasts to Boomplay

RSS.com, a media content provider, announced today that it is partnering with Boomplay to offer automatic distribution of podcasts to Boomplay Music subscribers. This will make it easier for content creators and their listeners to access podcasts on one of the largest global streaming platforms.

RSS.com Brings Podcasts to Boomplay

RSS.com will be providing a full suite of services to Boomplay, including the ability to stream podcasts and other audio content. The platform will support several features such as streaming audio and video, sharing content to different networks, creating an RSS feed with metadata, and content aggregation.

This partnership is beneficial to both RSS.com and Boomplay. Podcasts and radio shows will be available on a larger platform for users to discover and listen to, while allowing RSS.com to reach a wider audience.

Automatic Distribution for Easy Access

RSS.com will enable automatic distribution of podcasts and other audio content to the Boomplay Music app. This feature will make the process of getting podcasts on the platform easier and faster for content creators.

Additionally, podcast listeners will have more choice in what they can listen to on the app. They will be able to easily search and find the content they’re looking for.

Producers Can Reap Benefits with Integrated Monetization

RSS.com will also be offering integrated monetization options for content creators. This will allow producers to earn money through their content, and to make the process of monetizing their podcasts easier.

Producers can also use the analytics tools offered by RSS.com to monitor and optimize their content. These tools can help producers understand their audiences and create better content that meets their listeners’ needs.


RSS.com’s partnership with Boomplay is an exciting opportunity for content creators and podcast listeners alike. Content creators will be able to distribute their content more easily, while podcast listeners can access more content from a variety of sources. With the addition of integrated monetization, producers will be able to earn money from their content and better understand their audiences. RSS.com announced that it will now be offering their customers automatic distribution of podcasts to the music streaming platform Boomplay. The integration with Boomplay allows podcast creators to have their unique content published across the platform, bringing them a wider audience.

RSS.com is an innovative streaming service that allows users to easily distribute audio and video podcasts to a variety of streaming platforms. The company has been continuously rolling out new features to further improve their podcast distribution capabilities, and the Boomplay integration is their latest offering.

The integration with Boomplay allows RSS.com customers to distribute their episodes automatically, without the need for manual submissions. All podcast episodes will be published to Boomplay as soon as they launch, expanding the user’s reach to the millions of users on the platform.

RSS.com also announced that the integration with Boomplay comes with additional benefits, such as access to exclusive promotional campaigns for podcasters. This will help them acquire more listeners and grow their following even further.

With the powerful combination of RSS.com’s distribution platform and Boomplay’s massive user base, podcast creators will be able to easily expand their reach and get their content in front of new audiences. This represents a great opportunity for podcast creators to increase visibility and get heard by a larger number of people.

RSS.com’s integration with Boomplay is a great step forward for podcasters, allowing them to distribute their episodes more quickly and efficiently. With the added access to exclusive promotional campaigns, podcast creators will be able to further expand their reach and grow their following.

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