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Sah D’ Simone’s Permission Slip to Be Free (#9)

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Sah D’ Simone’s Permission Slip to Be Free (#9)

Simone’s lyrics

Sah D’ Simone’s ’Permission Slip to Be Free’

Sah D’ Simone is a musician, performer, producer and writer from the San Francisco Bay Area. She recently released her debut album, ‘Permission Slip to Be Free” (#9). It’s an eclectic mix of soulful R&B, hip-hop and electronic sounds, with lyrics that explore themes of love, loss and freedom.

A New Voice in Music

Sah D’ Simone’s music is a unique blend of sounds, captivating listeners with its mesmerizing melodies and honest lyrics. Her voice has a depth to it that draws in the listener and her lyrics explore difficult topics with an intense rawness. Her songs use a variety of instruments, from traditional acoustic guitar to synths, strings and drums, to bring her stories to life.

The Power of a Permission Slip

‘Permission Slip to be Free’ (#9) is an expression of Sah D’ Simone’s journey as an artist, exploring how music and lyrics can help to liberate and empower. The album is a call to action, encouraging listeners to overcome obstacles, break free of limiting beliefs and embrace their power.

Sah D’ Simone urges us to:

  • Let go of fear and let love be our guide. Life is filled with unexpected events, but if we can learn to trust ourselves, love oneself and trust the journey, we can overcome anything that comes our way.
  • Break free of labels and expectations. We all have unique gifts, passions and talents and it’s important to stay true to ourselves and not be held back by the expectations of others.
  • Be brave and take risks. Life is a journey and we should take risks, no matter how small, in order to grow and experience something new.
  • Give ourselves permission to be free. We all deserve to be happy and we should allow ourselves to be free from society’s limiting beliefs. We have the power to manifest our own destiny.

Inspiring Liberation Through Music

Sah D’ Simone’s ‘Permission Slip to be Free’ (#9) is an expression of her extraordinary journey as an artist. Her songs explore deep, personal topics with a realness that captivates the listener. Ultimately, she is striving to inspire liberation through music and inspire listeners to break free of labels, expectations and fear. Sah D’Simone, an 18-year-old video editor and comedian, recently released his most personal work yet, an anthem he calls Permission Slip to Be Free (#9). As his fans know, the young entertainer isn’t one to shy away from the uncomfortable topics that people of color face today, including racism and mental health.

Permission Slip to Be Free (#9) is an up-tempo beat featuring brilliant rhymes that address these issues from a personal perspective. Sah delves into the angst and doubt of his adolescence, and encourages viewers to overcome these same struggles by giving themselves the permission to be happy, free, and unapologetically be themselves.

The accompanying music video explores Sah D’Simone’s journey of personal growth and healing. He spends some time at his old elementary school, walking the hallways that once filled him with dread and recalling memories. He then transitions to the playground, rocking a retro 90’s Play Station sweatshirt while surrounded by a cacophony of excited young children. The video ends with a powerful message—take your permission slip and share it.

Sah told Billboard that Permission Slip to Be Free is meant to “encourage people to take this permission slip, sign it, and be free. I wanted people to really understand that they can still be freed if they just give themselves permission to be so.”

In this song, Sah D’Simone captures an empowering message for young people of color, but it’s a sentiment that we all need to remember. In a social climate where injustice and oppression are far too common, we all need to give ourselves permission to be free and embrace our unique identities and stories.

Share this powerful message with your friends and take your permission slip to be free.

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