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Shopping cart design best practices

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Shopping cart design best practices

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Shopping Cart Design Best Practices

Good shopping cart design is a key element in the success of any online business. Designing a shopping cart that is intuitive, fast and secure can help customers gain confidence in your product and site. Here are some best practices for shopping cart design:

1. Keep it Simple

The shopping cart should be easy to find and add items to. Keep the process simple and avoid asking customers for unnecessary information. Make sure to keep the page organized and clutter-free with clear call-to-action buttons.

2. Ensure Data Security

Data security is critical for online businesses, especially for ecommerce sites. Make sure that customers’ personal information and payments are safe and secure by implementing SSL encryption and other security measures.

3. Offer Shipping Options

Make sure to offer different shipping options to customers. Offer free shipping or flat rate shipping to incentivise customers and make sure that delivery times are clearly indicated.

4. Provide Payment Methods

Offer different payment methods for customers to choose from. Common payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe and Apple Pay are a safe and secure choice.

5. Include Customer Reviews

Include customer reviews in your shopping cart to give customers better insight into your product. This can also increase conversion rates by building trust in potential customers.

6. Optimize For Mobile

Design the shopping cart with mobile optimization in mind. Make sure it is easy to use and navigate on small screens, and that the payment process is secure and fast.


There are many best practices for shopping cart design that will help make the customer experience better, more secure and faster. By following these tips, online businesses can have a successful and profitable online store.

Shopping cart design is becoming a critical factor in the success of e-commerce businesses. In order to make sure that your shop is as successful as possible, it’s important to follow the best practices when it comes to designing your shopping cart. Here are some tips and tricks on how to create an optimal shopping cart design.

1. Keep the checkout process simple: Try to make the checkout process as simple and straightforward as possible. Make sure that the customer only has to input their necessary information once and only when they are ready to complete their purchase. Present the checkout form in an easily readable format, such as a single-column layout, and make sure that the customer’s information is always preserved between steps.

2. Offer an “empty cart” experience: An empty cart is not a great user experience. Make sure that you offer a navigation option or tooltips for customers who have already added products to the cart, so that they can continue to the checkout process.

3. Allow customers to review their cart: Give customers the ability to review their order before completing the checkout. Allow them to edit any items or view more detailed information about the product or services.

4. Think of mobile devices: The majority of shoppers these days are using mobile devices to browse and purchase products. Make sure that your shopping cart design is optimized for mobile devices. This includes making sure that buttons and forms are large enough to tap on, as well as making sure the text is readable and the navigation is simple.

5. Make the checkout process secure: Make sure that the checkout process is secure and SSL certified. This ensures that the customer’s information is securely transmitted during their purchase.

By using these tips, you can make sure that your shopping cart design is up to standard and that your customers have a seamless checkout experience. With a bit of effort, you can make sure your shop is as successful as possible.

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