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Tax attorney breaks down the MicroStrategy Bitcoin sale

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Tax attorney breaks down the MicroStrategy Bitcoin sale

Bitcoin MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy Bitcoin Sale: A Good Move or Overpayment?

MicroStrategy recently made headlines when it announced a $250 million investment in Bitcoin–the world’s first, and currently one of the most popular, cryptocurrencies. The move created a stir among the public and experts alike, provoking some serious questions about the company’s strategy and financial decision-making. To help clarify matters, we consulted a local tax attorney and asked him to break down the MicroStrategy Bitcoin sale.

The Benefits of Investing in Bitcoin

The fascination and public appeal of Bitcoin is based on its decentralized and borderless nature, as well as its potential for rapid growth over time. Some of the potential benefits of investing in Bitcoin include:

  • Hedge Against Inflation – With Bitcoin’s finite supply, it has the potential to become a safe haven asset, providing protection against the impact of inflation.
  • Liquidity – Bitcoin is a highly liquid asset and can be easily converted into cash or other assets.
  • Ease of Use – It is much easier to buy and sell Bitcoin than it is to buy and sell other types of assets.
  • Potential for Growth – Since its inception, Bitcoin has seen remarkable growth in terms of both price and user adoption.

Given these beneficial properties, it’s no wonder why more and more companies are investing in the asset.

How MicroStrategy Profited

For MicroStrategy, the decision to invest in Bitcoin appears to have paid off. After purchasing the asset for approximately $250 million, the company’s stake is now currently worth over $585 million. This represents a return of roughly 135%, which is impressive for any type of asset investing.

What’s more, MicroStrategy is also taking advantage of tax benefits associated with its investment. Because of the new cryptocurrency asset class, the company can defer taxes on the profits generated by the sale until a later date. This helps them to maximize their return on the initial investment without worrying about having to pay capital gains or other taxes.


For those considering investing in Bitcoin, the MicroStrategy Bitcoin sale serves as an important case study. The company’s decision to purchase the asset appears to have been a good one, as its stake has grown by over 135%. Furthermore, the company has taken advantage of the potential tax benefits associated with such investments, allowing them to defer taxes until a later date. All in all, the sale appears to have been a net positive for MicroStrategy, and may serve as inspiration for other businesses considering investing in Bitcoin.

Recent business news indicates that the analytics and mobility provider, MicroStrategy, has made a huge move; they have purchased a staggering 21 000 Bitcoin, worth a total of $250 million. To find out more about this unique purchase, a tax attorney breaks down the landmark Bitcoin sale, with an exclusive insight into the possibilities of the purchase.

MicroStrategy’s CEO, Michael J Saylor, believes that Bitcoin can be used as a trusted asset for the company’s capital. After originally investing a total of $425 million in Bitcoin earlier this year, the company has now raised their total investment to $655 million. According to Saylor, this purchase makes the company’s cash position much more secure.

The tax attorney is confident that the purchase indicates that the company is certain that Bitcoin will perform as a hedge against inflation. This was a strategic move, especially with the current economic climate in discussions. MicroStrategy is confident that the reliable investment of Bitcoin will be a much better and safer option than traditional stock market investing.

Furthermore, the tax attorney explains that the purchase will have significant tax benefits that the company should capitalize on. In most cases, crypto purchases and sales are eligible for capital gains tax exemption. When selling Bitcoin, only half of the earnings need to be declared as income. This makes the company attractive to investors and creates trust in the company’s unique investment strategy.

The tax attorney also believes that this purchase is a pioneering move in the Bitcoin space and provides a great avenue for companies to gain exposure to the digital currency. Big investments such as this one could trigger more corporate entities to embrace Bitcoin as an asset, instead of steering clear due to its volatility. If MicroStrategy’s investment continues to pay off, more companies may follow suit.

Ultimately, MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin purchase has quickly become a case study for companies looking to secure their own financial future. With an exciting window of opportunity in capital gains taxes and the potential for long-term financial security, MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin sale is definitely a move to keep an eye on.

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