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The Cointelegraph Top 100 list, 2023: Vote on who you think should make it

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The Cointelegraph Top 100 list, 2023: Vote on who you think should make it

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The Cointelegraph Top 100 List, 2023: Vote on Who You Think Should Make It

With cryptocurrency becoming an ever more popular and integral part of the global economy, everyone is talking about the upcoming list of the world’s top 100 most influential people in the industry. In 2023, the Cointelegraph Top 100 list will be released – and now you have your chance to vote on who you think should make it!

The Cointelegraph Top 100 list is an annual list of the world’s most influential people in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. This year, the voting is open to the public – so now is your chance to make a difference in who will make the list.


When voting, you should focus on who has had the greatest impact in the past year and beyond, who has made significant contributions to the industry, and who has demonstrated the most expertise and influence within the market.

Here are some key criteria to consider:

  • Innovation – Is this individual someone who has found creative and inventive solutions to industry challenges?
  • Thought Leadership – Is this individual someone who has helped to shape the industry and create innovative ideas?
  • Influential Voice – Is this individual an inspiring voice within the community?
  • Global Impact – Has this individual had a lasting, positive impact on the industry’s trajectory in multiple markets?

Cast Your Vote

The poll is now open and the countdown to the Cointelegraph Top 100 List, 2023 is on – so make sure to cast your vote and help shape the future of the industry!

The final list of the top 100 most influential people in the industry will be released in 2023 – so don’t miss your chance to make a difference in who makes the list.

Ready to make your mark? Head over to the polling site now to cast your vote for who you think should make the Cointelegraph Top 100 list, 2023!

If you can’t predict the future, at least you can imagine it.

Today we bring you the Cointelegraph Top 100 List for the year 2023 – an imaginary list of the best and brightest projects and personalities in the cryptocurrency industry.

We invite you to cast your vote for the people and projects you believe should be included on the Cointelegraph Top 100 List.

To make this possible, we’ve gathered a panel of 8 experts who are experienced in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency. These people have a combined presence of more than 10 countries and cover various aspects of the industry: technology, trading, media, consulting, and education.

The Top 100 List will reflect their diverse perspectives, serving as a representative sample of the best and most innovative projects and people in the space. They will consider projects based on their relevance and potential, innovation, usability, and scalability.

The panel will also consider a variety of criteria for the people included in the list, including their accomplishments in the industry, the impact their work has had, and their contribution to the industry as a whole.

We look forward to seeing your votes and will be publishing the results in the next few months. Cast your votes now and help create the Top 100 List of the most influential people and projects in the cryptocurrency space in 2023!

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