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Three designers’ perspectives on approaching a website redesign

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Three designers’ perspectives on approaching a website redesign

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Three Designers’ Perspectives on Approaching a Website Redesign

As a web designer, it can be difficult to decide how best to approach a website redesign project. Different designers have different thoughts on the best approach for a successful transformation. Here are three of the world’s best designers’ thoughts on the process:

Jen Cole : Operate from the Perspective of the User

Designer Jen Cole is a big believer in focusing on the user experience. She recommends first understanding the needs of the customer and breaking the project down into smaller tasks that make the redesign project more manageable. Additionally, Cole suggests regularly talking to the customer throughout the process, this allows the designer to ensure that all the objectives of the project are met.

Mike Eaton : Think About Functionality

Well-known web designer Mike Eaton is an advocate of focusing on functionality when approaching a redesign. Eaton recommends pairing down the design and create a focus on the features that the customer wants. He advocates for using an agile methodology to break down the project into sprints, each with a focused objective and timeline, so that this process becomes more manageable.

Lawrence Moore : Start with a Clean Slate

Lawrence Moore is all about starting anew. He suggests completely scrapping the old website and starting from a “clean slate approach”. This means creating designs from the ground up to incorporate the latest technologies and the most up-to-date visitor experiences. Moore cautions against trying to keep elements from the old website; as it is time consuming, unnecessarily complex, and may lead to design decisions that don’t meet customer expectations.

When starting a website redesign project, considering the thoughts of the world’s best designers can help guide the process. Take into account the perspectives of:

  • Jen Cole : Operate from the Perspective of the User
  • Mike Eaton : Think About Functionality
  • Lawrence Moore : Start with a Clean Slate

These designers’ insights provide a great starting point as they have successfully tackled projects with different web redesign goals and ideas.

When it comes to website redesign, there are many approaches that web designers can take in order to create the best experience for end users. Three experts in website design have shared their perspectives on how to approach a website redesign in order to create the most successful and user-friendly experience.

The first designer recommends planning and research as the first step in any website redesign project. He suggests that designers take the time to analyze and evaluate layout and flow, determine how users interact with the site, and consider the goals of the project. By doing this, he believes that the design team will have a better understanding of how to optimize the redesign and create an experience that meets the clients’ needs.

The second designer approaches website design from an information design perspective. He sees the page as a map to guide users to the desired outcome, and he starts by looking at content and navigation to determine the user’s journey through the site. He notes that content should be concise and presented in an intuitive way to ensure users can easily find the information they are looking for.

The third designer stresses the importance of considering user experience in the redesign process. He believes that the design should be tailored to the audience, and that the focus should be on refining the user flow so that it is easy to navigate. This can mean providing helpful resources and content, ensuring that the visuals are attractive and engaging, and creating an overall experience that is enjoyable and encourages users to continue exploring the site.

These three perspectives on website redesign demonstrate the importance of taking the time to research, evaluate, and consider the user’s experience. While the fundamentals of website design are the same, each project is unique and requires careful thought and planning in order to create a successful experience for users.

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