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[Videos] Everything That Happened at Shopify Unite 2022

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[Videos] Everything That Happened at Shopify Unite 2022

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Everything That Happened at Shopify Unite 2022

The Launch of Shopify Balance

At Shopify Unite 2022, Shopify announced the launch of Shopify Balance, a new business bank account that gives merchants banking services and access to financial products. With Shopify Balance, merchants can quickly transfer funds, pay and manage taxes, and access lines of credit.

Shopify Balance has a built-in accounting system which automates bookkeeping transactions and account reconciliation. This new service will save merchants time and money, and help them better manage their finances.

Shopify Fulfillment Network

At Shopify Unite 2022, Shopify also announced the launch of its new fulfillment network. This new service will make it easier for merchants to ship orders worldwide. The Shopify Fulfillment Network will provide merchants with access to a global network of warehouses and shipping carriers, helping them save time and money.

The new fulfillment network also comes with advanced inventory management tools and shipping analytics. This will make it easier for merchants to keep track of their inventory and manage their order fulfillment process.

New App Store & Other Updates

Shopify Unite 2022 also saw Shopify introduce a new, improved app store with tools designed to make it easier for merchants to find the solutions they need. The new app store features a range of new categories, such as ecommerce integrations, marketing tools, and more.

In addition, Shopify also introduced new APIs and updates to Shopify Plus. These updates include new customer-facing features and updates, enhanced multi-store capabilities, and other improvements to make it easier for merchants to manage their stores.

What Does It All Mean?

Shopify Unite 2022 was a great event for Shopify merchants. With the launch of Shopify Balance, the Shopify Fulfillment Network, and a range of new app store and Shopify Plus updates, merchants now have more options when it comes to managing their stores.

These new tools and services will make it easier for merchants to manage their finances, ship orders worldwide, and find the solutions they need to run their businesses. With these new tools, Shopify merchants can focus on growing their businesses, instead of worrying about the administrative and financial tasks associated with running an ecommerce store. On June 7th and 8th, Shopify Unite 2022 took place in Toronto, Canada, bringing together Shopify Plus partners, developers, and merchants from around the world. Unite 2022 showcased Shopify’s latest innovations, live product demos, inspiring conversations, and networking opportunities.

Day 1 kicked off with a keynote featuring Shopify’s Senior VP of Engineering, Jean-Michel Lemieux. Lemieux discussed the importance of automation, personalization, and customers-first product development. Other key highlights from Day 1 included breakout sessions about topics like connecting Shopify Plus with Amazon, leveraging customer data, and understanding buyers through the Shopify Flow.

Day 2 began with an inspiring plenary from Shopify’s Chief Product Officer, Satish Kanwar. Kanwar unveiled Shopify’s first-ever Human Rights Statement and shared his vision for building a more inclusive economy. He also provided insights on the rise of connected commerce, including how mobile devices will shape the future of shopping.

Both days featured live tech demos, giving attendees the chance to get hands-on experience with revolutionary products and features. These demos delivered tangible insights on topics such as eCommerce APIs, building loyalty programs, and creating better in-app experiences.

Unite 2022 was a success, generating meaningful conversations, industry innovations, and unforgettable experiences. Those who attended were impressed with the tremendous value of Unite 2022 and especially the videos, which captured all that the conference had to offer. The videos from Unite 2022 are now available online, and are a must-watch for merchants, developers, and Shopify Plus partners interested in the eCommerce landscape.

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