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Webflow Conf wrap up

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Webflow Conf wrap up

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Webflow Conf Wrap Up

Webflow Conf is a three day virtual conference that strives to bring together web professionals around the world. This year’s Webflow Conf was held between Sept. 12th and 15th.

Highlighted Events

Webflow Conf had three days full of inspiring talks and panels from the web design industry’s most creative minds. Some of the highlights included:

  • Keynote speeches from industry veterans.
    Speakers included Matti Virkkunen, Hubert Chen, and Chris Benard, who each spoke on topics such as design, innovation and the digital landscape.
  • Panels on coding and accessibility.
    Speakers discussed the importance of coding and making websites accessible in these digital times.
  • A workshop on product animation.
    Participants had the chance to learn how to animate their products to best showcase them on their website.


The online platforms allowed for fluid networking among members. Attendees had the option to join virtual one-on-ones, chatting about their experiences in the web design industry. Moreover, the organizers held a networking game night, which surely livened up the atmosphere.


Webflow Conf was a great success. Whether it be inspiring speakers, informative panels or engaging activities, attendees had something for everyone. Hopefully, next year we can all look forward to another adventurous conference!

Last week, the online design and development platform, Webflow, hosted its first annual Webflow Conf. The event was held virtually from March 23-24, featuring expert facilitators and networking opportunities for web professionals around the world.

At the conference, there were multiple keynote speeches, panels, workshops, and Q&A sessions that explored important topics such as modern web design and development, coding techniques, and the future of web development. Participants also got the chance to connect with leading industry experts and listen to success stories from experienced web professionals.

The organizers of Webflow Conf confirmed that the event was a success and exceeded expectations. Attendees walked away with new ideas, tools, and knowledge to better their web products and services. Participants were able to explore how emerging technology can be used to create impactful digital experiences.

Attendees of the event praised the content and community that Webflow Conf offered. They found support with other web professionals who had similar experiences and enjoyed connecting with speakers throughout the event.

Webflow Conf was a great opportunity to learn, collaborate, and contribute to the ongoing digital transformation journey. We look forward to seeing what next year’s Webflow Conf has in store!

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