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What we announced at Webflow Conf 2022

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What we announced at Webflow Conf 2022

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Webflow Conf 2022

On April 12th and 13th, 2022, Webflow is celebrating its fifth Webflow Conf, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California. Webflow Conf is an annual web design and development conference, where designers and developers from all around the world come together to learn the latest and greatest from the Webflow platform. This year, Webflow is excited to share the following announcements for its newest features:

New Tools and Features

  • A new version of Webflow Designer, which will include several new features and updates to help streamline your workflow. It will be easier than ever to use the Designer to design beautiful, responsive websites.
  • A new Visual CSS Editor, which will help you quickly style elements on a page and create custom layout settings.
  • Support for creating static websites with the same speed and ease as dynamic websites.
  • A new Embed component, allowing you to embed content from other web pages, such as videos, maps, and more.
  • Improvements to the CMS, including new filters and sorting tools, better ways to manage media, and new tools for creating custom forms.

New Community Resources

At Webflow Conf this year, we’ll be unveiling a number of new community resources to help beginners and advanced users alike. These include:

  • Beginner tutorials to help newcomers quickly learn the basics of the Webflow platform and start creating their own website.
  • Advanced tutorials to help existing users refine and refine their workflows with the Webflow Designer and CMS.
  • A new community forum for asking questions, sharing tips and tricks, and connecting with other members of the Webflow community.
  • More events and meetups for designers, developers, and entrepreneurs to network and learn from one another.


Webflow Conf 2022 promises to be even bigger and better than before, with new tools, features, and community resources that will help our users create even better websites for their projects. Be sure to join us for two days of learning, networking, and exploring the future of web design and development with Webflow.

Today at the Webflow Conf 2022, attendees were given the exciting news of upcoming product updates and advancements. During the event, Webflow unveiled a suite of new features and product improvements that will help businesses and developers grow their web presence faster and more efficiently.

The team at Webflow announced a new set of visual design tools that enable users to build and design webpages with ease. The company developed an intuitive and interactive canvas and an enhanced styling system to make design faster, easier, and more enjoyable. With a modern drag-and-drop UI, Webflow users will be able to create custom designs faster than ever before.

Webflow demonstrated several other product improvements, including a new visual developer tool that lets users programmatically control their design elements and an improved page speed system that significantly reduces page load time. This improved page speed system offers several useful features such as browser caching, server-side optimization, and more.

In addition, Webflow announced the development of a new CMS called Webflow CMS. This CMS offers more flexibility and control over content, making it easier for users to update and manage their websites. Additionally, the team showed off a new feature within Webflow Ecommerce, an easy-to-use commerce platform for small businesses.

Finally, Webflow provided attendees with previews of upcoming functionality across the product’s core products. These features include expanded content management systems, improved analytics, and improved marketing and search engine optimization tools.

Overall, Webflow Conf 2022 was an exciting event filled with announcements of new products and features. Webflow is continuing to push forward and make the process of web design easier than ever before.

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