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What’s a good site speed score and how to get there

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What’s a good site speed score and how to get there

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What’s a Good Site Speed Score and How to Get There?

Having a good site speed score is essential for the success of your website. Sites with higher page load speed give a better user experience, are more likely to get indexed by search engines, and can improve your site’s SEO rankings.

What is a Site Speed Score?

Site speed scores measure how quickly a page loads from when a user clicks a link until all the content is fully displayed. The score is based on a combination of various criteria like the time it takes to establish a connection, how long the HTML document loads, and how long the browser needs to process the JavaScript.

What’s a Good Speed Score?

Google recommends that pages should load in under two seconds, and ideally less than one second. A good speed score should be around 90 or above, though anything below 70 should be improved.

How to Improve Your Site Speed Score

There are a few simple steps you can take to improve your site speed score:

  • Optimize Your Images: Make sure your images are properly compressed to reduce their file sizes (which can reduce page loading times).
  • Reduce HTTP Requests: Limit the number of requests needed to load a page. Combine JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) files, and use text-based formats like JSON instead of images.
  • Enable Browser Caching: Store frequently used resources in the visitor’s browser so they are not loaded again on subsequent visits to the page.
  • Minify Your HTML & JavaScript: Remove unnecessary characters like extra spaces or line breaks to reduce the size of the code.
  • Reduce Redirects: Unnecessary redirects can slow loading times, so only keep essential redirects and eliminate any that are not required.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your site has an optimal speed score and give visitors a great experience.

Excellent website speed is an integral part of a successful website. A good site speed score is essential for providing users with an enjoyable experience that reduces page load time, increases customer satisfaction, and improves conversions. Site speed is also important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs).

A good site speed score should be at least 85 or higher, and ideally, it should be higher. Speed scores lower than 85 can lead to slower page loading times, visitors leaving the website prematurely, and lower conversion rates. The lower the speed score, the longer it will take a website to load, and the longer visitors will take to view content on the website.

To achieve a good site speed score, webmasters must optimize their website’s front-end and back-end performance. This can include reducing HTTP requests, compressing files, optimizing images, enabling browser caching, and optimizing the website’s code. Additionally, website owners should be utilizing a content delivery network (CDN). A CDN allows website owners to store resources on multiple servers located around the world, reducing server load time and page loading time.

Developers should also be using performance optimization tools to track and improve page loading times. These tools can give website owners detailed information about their website’s current performance and show them which areas need improvement. Performance optimization tools can assist in pinpointing speed bottlenecks and help webmasters take actions to reduce page loading time.

Overall, a good site speed score is essential for providing users with a great website experience. To get there, website owners must optimize the front-end and back-end performance of their website and utilize performance optimization tools. If webmasters follow these steps and take into account the different aspects of website speed, they will be well on their way to an excellent site speed score.

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