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Women who made a contribution to the crypto industry in 2022

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Women who made a contribution to the crypto industry in 2022

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Women at the Forefront of the Crypto Industry in 2022

At the turn of the decade, with the ubiquity of cryptocurrency, the crypto industry has flourished with groundbreaking advances. It is both a boon and a great pleasure to recognize that many of the most innovative ideas of this decade came from the minds of powerful women leaders. Throughout the year 2022, female pioneers broke new ground, each making a memorable contribution to the crypto industry.

Shalini Das

Shalini Das is a blockchain engineer by day and a cryptocurrency advisor by night. She has a passion for blockchain technology and is at the forefront of developing blockchain applications with a focus on ensuring privacy, security and decentralization. Her influence in the crypto industry is widespread, as she is one of the major contributors to the advancement of blockchain technology. She is currently leading a project to create reliable and secure cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Carly Smith

Carly Smith is the founder of CryptoHub, a platform that connects cryptocurrency projects to capital and expertise. Through CryptoHub, Carly is able to bridge the gap between the crypto world and the traditional financial system. Her platform has become a valuable resource to crypto entrepreneurs who are looking to build and expand their projects. She is also the coordinator of the Crypto Women’s Alliance which seeks to empower female-led crypto and blockchain projects through professional development, networking and mentoring.

Susan Lindberg

Susan Lindberg is a digital asset and cryptocurrency lawyer who specializes in the legal aspects of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency transactions. Her expertise has been instrumental in helping crypto startups navigate the murky legal terrain that goes hand in hand with crypto. She has recently helped crypto startups with various issues such as tax planning, intellectual property protection and regulatory compliance.

Adina Braunstein

Adina Braunstein is a leading figure in the crypto community as co-founder of the industry’s first exchange-traded product. Her platform provides a wallet to securely store and trade cryptocurrency and promotes accessibility of crypto to the non-technical user. Adina is also the organizer of CryptoWomen, an organization that seeks to encourage women to join and contribute to the growing crypto industry.

The crypto industry in 2022 is a reflection of the ambition and ingenuity of women in the field. These women have worked hard to bring innovation to the industry, paving the way for the future. They stand as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and show that anyone, regardless of gender, can make tremendous contributions to the industry.


The future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology promises to be even more promising, and 2022 has set the stage for even more groundbreaking advances. Women have undoubtedly led the charge, and their impact has been nothing short of profound. It’s safe to say that the next decade of groundbreaking innovation in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will continue to be driven by these and countless other brilliant, ambitious women.

2020 saw an influx of women join the crypto industry, and many are making remarkable contributions. These women are helping to drive innovation and make the industry more accessible. In 2022, women are continuing to make a major impact on the crypto industry by pushing boundaries and introducing innovative solutions.

One such woman is XinaMei Guo, an entrepreneur who founded the first dedicated cryptocurrency ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) in 2022. Guo saw the need for a simplified way to enter the crypto market and used her experience in traditional finance to create an ETF tailored specifically to the crypto sector. This ETF gives people an easy way to invest in various cryptocurrencies and gives them exposure to a diverse array of digital assets.

Another woman impacting the crypto industry in 2022 is Suzy Chen, CEO of the decentralized exchange protocol Blevic. Chen has been an ardent champion of blockchain technology, advocating for the development of decentralized solutions that are more resistant to censorship and manipulation. She has also been a strong proponent of crypto education and has worked to create resources that make crypto more accessible to those with limited knowledge of the space.

In addition to these two prominent women, many more are contributing to the crypto industry. For example, elinor Ostrom, the co-founder of the decentralized organization platform Ostrum, is helping to bring blockchain technology to individuals and institutions. Elinor is also a vocal advocate for the ethical use of blockchain technology, pushing for greater transparency and fairness in the industry.

Finally, M.J. Hill, a veteran software engineer and founder of the smart contract platform Toder, is making waves in the industry by launching one of the first ever decentralized applications. The application allows users to create secure, automated agreements without relying on a central authority. This groundbreaking development could revolutionize how people interact with the blockchain, making it much more accessible while also improving its security.

The crypto industry has come a long way over the past decade, and it’s impressive to see how far women have come. Women are not only pushing the boundaries of innovation in the industry but are also continuing to make it more accessible and less risky for the average investor. This contribution is invaluable and will undoubtedly shape the crypto landscape for years to come.

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